Sunday, September 16, 2012


To my dear friend Joe.  I can't thank you enough for the last words of  your blog several days ago.  "Let not your heart be troubled...."  Just exactly what I needed and just at the right time.

And in my photo,  here is my representation of me open to receive His word.

Grace and Peace be unto you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Philippians 1:2


  1. These are troubling times! But it’s true, our hearts should not be troubled!! :) xx

  2. Its funny with the unrest in so may things and our friends help us though each time and they dont even know it.
    Lovely Image. I too thank Joe so many times over.
    Hugs to you Carole.

  3. So beautiful. Joe always seems to have his pulse on just what we need. Thanks Joe.

  4. Thank you dear Carole for being such a faithful friend, talk about a blessing! Your photo there holds the beauty of an unfolding promise, I so love and appreciate that capture! bless you!

  5. Beautiful flower and wonderful verse. Even with all the turmoil in the world, I don't worry because our Father is in control. I appreciate Joe's thought provoking posts, so calming.

  6. Wonderful photo Carole. Certain words have special meaning to people depending on their situations in life. I'm glad Joe's words were uplifting for you.

  7. Hi Sis,
    It always your flower are beautiful also the magic 8 ball are very good too.
    Do you know we having a rains all the time.
    My golfing are not good so far only one time wining good.
    Andrew's will be coming on Thursday night in my home.(Melbourne)
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.