Friday, November 9, 2012

My Goodness..

Well my goodness, it's a lot of little stuff.  Well, I hope one of them turns out to be little, that being the car.

First 2 weeks ago the vacuum cleaner died.  It quit taking up anything.  So when I got on the phone with the repairman that doesn't have a shop any more..he agreed to come out to look at it.  We thought it needed a belt so I ordered 2 new belts.  Turned out it started working correctly again and did not need a belt.  It started working again...go figure.  Rather like the dental appointment you keep and the toothache stops on that day.  So, I paid him not that much money and he fixed the non retracting cord.  So, in celebration, I vacuumed.  The cat does not mind this vacuum.  She hates the upright I have as a spare.  I do's not a good one at all and it's too loud.

Then, the car is making a noise that reminds me of years ago when the power steering fluids got low.  I am taking it in for an oil change tomorrow so hopefully it will be found out (the problem) while there.  And I hope it won't be scary.

Then, someone with a big mouth who never quits spouted off and said something the other day that I took exception to and let him know I did.  I have never been shy about standing up for myself.  He will never see it as something he caused, so I guess that friendship is done.  *I* sure have no reason to apologize.

Tomorrow as early as I can get myself going I need to take the car in for its oil change and as for me, I have a D.A.R meeting at 1300.  I have struggled about going to the meeting at 1300 as I believe our constantly losing football team will be televised somewhere in the middle of the D.A.R meeting.   Even though our collegiate football team has hit rock bottom..still..I like to be there for the games.

IT got to 62 f. today.  Rising from freezing temps this morning.  That won't last, and rain for Monday (what else is new?)

See you over at your place...

 A Park about 5 miles away.


  1. Hmm re your car. Ours was making a sort of a noise that turned out to be a wheel bearing. It wasn't there while the car idled, but was while it was rolling. Hope that is not the case with yours. We did OK with the cost because we have a private mechanic rather than the dealer service and we trust our guy.

    The Mom

  2. Beautiful park, can one fish at the lake? Hope your car is OK.

  3. I seldom thing car things are little things...they are almost always annoying so I hope you get through that. I'm half angry about a lot of things at the moment and that's never a good way to makes me far more will to fight then be put to flight and that's not always a good thing. We have central vacuuming in our house so it's not a thing you want to go bad...fortunately it's never given us any trouble thus far...knock on wood. Hope it works out Carole...something needs to right?

  4. Another beautiful picture. Sounds like a very busy day for you tomorrow. I do hope there is nothing major wrong with your car.

  5. Goodness! I hope nothing is found to be major about your car.

    Yes, that game is televised mid-day. I'm looking forward to watching it. Hoping for a win, too!:)

  6. I am glad your sweeper decided to work properly again and I sure hope nothing is seriously wrong with your car.

    As for the person with the big mouth, good for you Twin.

    Beautiful photo of the park! xoxox

  7. Well after All That, I hope you have a Good Weekend and not a $$ scarey one :)

    pee ess.... Larry here ^..^ I hate da Suckie Monster!!!!! it scarez da BAJEEEZUZ OWTA ME!! ^..^

    Mieow Katie ^.,^ ♥♥♥xoxoxoxo♥♥

    1. Larry...come here and put your nose in my ruff...xoxoxox

  8. Hi Sis!
    What is wrong with you? Some thing with Miyuki told about you?
    Only oil has change Sis.
    But you are just looking for the football teams ..
    I always your beautiful photo at the park!
    Have a nice day!
    I has a small the heel of the foot for a long ligament for little times.
    Sis,katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  9. Hi Carole, I was wondering if you may of had a full vac. bag. Sometimes if the bag gets too full it will stop working. Hopefully what ever it was will not reacur, and they will be able to find the problem with your car and it isn't too costly. Seems there is always something. Not long ago someone scratch out van all up with their keys. We had to pay a $300. dollar deductible fee to get it fixed through our car insurance. The grand total was $2,200. Thank goodness it was covered by our insurance. We also had to get a new roof put on our house at the same time. Not fun, but that's life. Seems there is always something.
    Beautiful photo Carole. Seems like a dog age since I have been out with my camera. We have had alot of rain and grey skies as of lately.
    Well you take care and have a nice weekend.
    Dianne :)

  10. Boy, if it isn't one thing it's another isn't? Sure hope it's noting serious with you car. Oreo is still not quite sure about the vacuum. If Jack is home he'll sit on his lap if not he hides under something. Hey, nothing wrong with speaking your mind.

  11. Somehow it is 70 degrees here in Chicago today. It is not often that I get to say that it might be warmer here than there.

  12. Well glad your vacuum decided to play again but to bad you had to spend $ for nothing. If you gave that person a piece of your mind there isn't a doubt in my mind they had it coming. you go girl! Keeping fingers crossed the car problem is a small one. Hugs

  13. Rule #1 about cars... No car will make "the strange noise" in the presence of a mechanic.

    Rule #2 about cars... Any strange noise the car DOES make will indicate a problem JUST under the replacement value of the car.

    Rule #3 about cars... See #1 above.

  14. I don't even want to get started with my vacuum woes. They all seem to hate me and just when I need the the most something happens. I have 4 vacuums. I have one for different locations as I hate dragging mine here and there. At least I can vacuum myself again these days. Hubby had to take over for about 8 months till my back got better.
    What a beautiful spot where that lake is.