Sunday, January 27, 2013

That was Nice

I was in the car fairly early this morning headed into town and just as I turned the corner at the bottom of my hill, 9 deer galloped across the road in front of me.  I saw one just before I got there and knowing this city well I waited in the street, the motor idling and here came the rest of them.  It was a really neat sight.  I think all girls and healthy and big!!!  That was the first nice thing.  Seeing my oldest was the next good thing.  We attended church together two times today and that was the third good thing.  Supper was delicious if I say so muself and there was a bit of cake for dessert.  Hey, duddun git any better!

Tomorrow I have to go to The Big City on an errand for my oldest son and then, boy do I have errands to run.  Whew.  Who knows I may get to work out.

I am posting three day old ice storm pics here just to do it and have done with it.


My very dirty, ice and salt encrusted Toyota.

Still dirty and still coated with ice.  


  1. The bucks usually hang back in the trees watching their does. Did they have to do any jumping. It looks like that springs in their feet.

    Have safe errand trip.

  2. Deer! I love them. So graceful and beautiful. I'm glad you were driving by, and not someone who was careless. :) I hope the ice is melting at least some. Have a safe journey to the big city for errands! And i like your icy car pics. They say it all!

  3. Deer are such beautiful creatures. Icy stuff coming here I hear. Hate to have to go out in it, but Oreo is scheduled for his first haircut at noon.

  4. That surely does sound like a day full of good things. :)

    Have fun in the city with your oldest son!

  5. Hi Sis!
    I love to thinking about first time today you oldest went the church together. You has nice thing to said about the CAR.
    Also you having bit of cake what lovely things to tell me Sis!
    I think more important to thing is oldest son with happy time.
    Love you so much Sis!!
    Sis.Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria

  6. WOW - 9 deer crossing your path. How gorgeous. So happy all your ice disappeared. We're going to get some tomorrow nite now.

  7. Nine deer! Amazing! I don't think we've ever spotted more than three around our area.

    It appears you may have had a bit more ice than we had here. I'm sure my pictures in Monday's blog will cause some good laughs.:-)

    Your Sunday sounds lovely! It sounds like Monday will be a full one!

  8. Sounds like a really really good Sunday!

  9. Sounds like a packed and happy time :) I love deer, but they carry ticks AND they come into gardens to eat the juicy plants! lol

  10. Sounds like you had a very good day! Nine deers, that's amazing! I've seen three at one time before. I think they were mom deer and two kids.
    And seeing your son and attending church together must have been really nice. My car was coated with ice, too! I tried to get gas but the door for gas didn't open as it was frozen. I managed to open eventually..
    I hope it will be a little warmer this week. Have a great week!

  11. Nice to see something good happening around you. Seeing the does was pretty special. Hanging out with your eldest even more so. But cake? That tops it!

    Blessings to you.


  12. Now that's a sight I would never see.
    I think freezing rain is a bigger pain than snow. Pardon my rhyming.

  13. Exactly why I carry my camera in my purse..never want to miss an opportunity like that one. Hope the freeeze is over and some warmer stuff is at hand, Take care Sis,,

  14. I've not seen ice like that since we visited Chicago a while's a fairly rare phenomenon around here because when it's cold it's cold...there's almost never a between. Right now the strangely warm and dry weather persists...I like it though I know it's way too dry.

  15. I can appreciate the grace and beauty of a number of deer running along. I like deer. But I have a love/hate relation with them. I was injured when a car I was a passenger in hit one and I ended up with a numb arm for several months while a nerve healed.

    So I love seeing them, but could stand having some fewer of them around the roads.

  16. Okay...I am following you here, too...sorry it took so long...(eye roll)...