Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Going Over the Mountains, Tra la Tra laaa

If all goes well and if I get my pet sitter, I will travel over the mountains to see my boy in Charlotte on Friday.  I am looking forward to that with both eyes.

Unfortunately I will be traveling in rain coming back--both there and here.  I detest interstate travel in the rain.  I had a frightening experience once and I hope never to repeat that.  However one can't sit at home for fear something may happen.

My office chair keeps sinking while any of us but Katie, sit in it.  Nothing will make it stop.  The darn thing cost  some $$$ so I hate to throw it away.  I am a short squirt so when it sinks down to its lowest level, my nose almost seems level with the desk.  :-)

I hope to visit all of my fave shopping places.  My son is good about that as he is the one to squire me about.  I haven't been there since well before the illness in early December so there is some shopping to catch up with.

Today I ate the one strawberry that was ready to eat on my one and only container plant this year.  It is on the deck.  I am not growing tomatoes and peppers etc this year as the raccoons and opossums were climbing up and destroying them and throwing my deck table and chairs around and worst of all, terrorized Miss Katie.  And when she is afraid in the middle of the night, believe me, I have to get up due to all of the screaming she's doing.

What am I grateful for I wonder?  Well, the obvious...that my son is back to his life (they had a party for him at work today).  I am grateful for my decent and comfortable home that I paid for myself.  I am grateful to always have had plenty of food, warmth when needed and coolness in the summer. I am grateful to have saved for and paid cash for my vehicle so as to not have debt.  I am grateful that I saved enough in funds to be able to leave work when some would still be there.  I'm grateful that it was easy for me to live on less during working years and save toward kids schooling and leaving work.  I'm used to doing without and saving half of my paycheck was the order of the day.  That is why I live modestly to this day.  It's all paid for and  has been long before I left work.  That is what I am grateful for.  Just thought I would express gratitude for all of the blessings and mercy I have been given. God is so good.

I so need to get away for a bit so here's hoping me and Miyuki (my car) make it there and back alright.


Here is my strawberry plant.


  1. Safe and happy travels!
    We are expecting some old friends from Boston to visit Friday night, then Our Baby and her Mama are arriving on Saturday for 4 days. Excitement on both ends. Hope Air Traffic Control issues are not bad.

    Congrats to you for your discipline regarding money etc. Many could learn from you, we are sure.

  2. Wishing you safe travels and good shopping! It sounds like a week-end of great fun! xo Nellie

  3. Have a safe trip Twin! I loved your grateful paragraph. xoxo

  4. Have good and safe trip.

    Bon Voyage

  5. Dear Sis!
    Your going over the mountains to meet son's at Charlotte on Friday I can remember you are going to so many time.
    You said more like to get in the rain I hope not too much for that sis!
    Oh I really liked a wonderful idea of buying some thing both of yours.....
    You dint has any tomatoes and peppers are not growing this years..
    Nothing like of the last years..I think your son and you has not strong time and my too.
    If you can! However again conciliation nice thing well come back again you and me too.
    A beautiful your strawberry I will coming to see your home very soon also I still had your home pen.
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki and Victoria.

  6. Those are some wonderful things for which to be thankful, Carole. Safe travels to you!

  7. Have a safe journey Carole. I know that incidents from the past can really make a person anxious but I believe for traveling mercies for you. Here it is 48 and gloomy...I'm weary with it. Love's birthday was yesterday but it was sort of a difficult day for us. I'm ready for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...how about you?

  8. Have a wonderful trip, with lots of terrific shopping--wishing you sales/bargains galore. :-)

  9. That's a lovely post, Carole! Have a great time and enjoy shopping :)

  10. Regarding car travel in bad weather. I understand that because of one particular experience.

    I was driving a brand new section on I-95 leading into Baltimore from the north. It was a horrible fog. Driving at only 30 and watching for signs carefully, I took the off ramp to the tunnel. As I drove up the off ramp, it went up and up and up. The lights on the main highway actually became lower than I was. I had the sense of being in a different world.

    I feared I was on an uncompleted road and would fall off at anytime Some things get really scary at times.

    It was a VERY WEERD experience.

  11. WOW I'm blown over by the super picture of your Strawberry Plant. In my book, you have hit Pro status girl! Safe travels this weekend. It will be good for you to get away and have some fun, plus one-on-one time with that son. Mother's like that one-on-one time and it's important. You have a lot to be grateful for Carole; we all do if we just stop and think about it.

  12. What a delightful post. Being thankful is uplifting, isn't it! Have a wonderful trip and be safe.

  13. HI there Carole, I really must put a link on my site to yours... saves me chasing round to Beth's and linking from there...(IN fact I shall do it now... wait a sec... Done it)
    Now, it's the 1st May so 'white rabbits' to you...(apparently for the first day of every month that's what you have to say..!!) ... Good post my friend, and I think we could all do with listing our gratitude's... warmest of hugs to you and Li'l Kate... xPenx
    (just checked my Twitter site 'n I do appear to do a lot of linking to sites I've visited and liked ... I'd just delete them all Carole, just in case :-) xx)