Monday, April 15, 2013

Mystery Meat?

Ok.  I went to a large grocery store here in town whose name I will leave out right now until and if I hear from them.  But the last letter is "r".  I wanted to buy some ground beef..the 10% fat content kind not the very greasy chuck at 20 or more percent fat.  I was looking at the labels to see cost per pound and the fat content...looking for the 10% as I said.  Imagine my surprise to see on each label "with natural flavorings".  So...what flavorings?  Since when do we have flavorings in ground beef?  I asked a meat handler there who was putting out chicken what that meant on the beef label.  He didn't know.  He finally ventured that it meant it was an all natural product with no additives.  I quit trying there and went to the customer service area and asked for a Manager.  When he got there I asked what did that phrase on the ground beef mean?  It was not on the premium grade ground  beef at 6.00 a pound!!! I showed him that, but it was on every other package of regular ground beef.  He said he didn't know and called back there.

They told him it was Rosemary.  That rosemary was a natural preservative (Suuuuuuure) and that it flavored the meat.

I said "Let's pretend I have a bad allergy to Rosemary.  I could go into anaphylactic shock not knowing I was eating something with Rosemary in it".  Then I said "why not label it "contains Rosemary as a preservative and as flavoring".  I said "there would be truth in advertising then, wouldn't it?"

Of course I didn't believe him.  I think it means the addition of the so-called "pink slime" but we will see I hope as I emailed that stores customer service.  If they don't answer in a few days I will go farther up the chain.  I told the Manager I would not buy their meat any longer and he was perfectly fine with that.  I said "I can see that my not buying meat here means nothing to you".  There was no denial.

So...the wait for an answer begins.  And they can't tell me they don't know.


  1. Really, it's getting so your afraid to eat anything anymore. Are emailing the company too? They deserve to give you an answer.

  2. Wow don't mess with Sis!!! I bet you never hear from them and IF Rosemary was in there...wouldn't we smell or taste it?? Hmmm bogus answer if you ask me!! :-S

  3. Hmmm, Guess I've never read the label on meat, but perhaps should be. What you said tho makes sense. If there is something in there other than pure beef, it should say so. Next time I'm in the meat department, I'll check the label.

  4. That's just scary. And sad that the manager doesn't seem to care.

  5. Well! What a response! Rosemary is a very pungent herb, and it definitely would flavor the meat. We love the flavor, but add it when we are cooking. There are, though, those who do not care for the flavor. That is one reason I buy our meat at one particular market here. Also, that FC might be an option for you to try in your town. I don't shop at the one whose name ends in "r.":-)

  6. If you are talking about Kroger, they do add the pink slime to their hamburger, at least they do here. I haven't bought hamburger there since I found out about a year ago. xx

  7. I am happy you noticed that and dang happier you are doing something about it. You go girl!

  8. I'm glad you're on the case detective Carole! ;)

  9. I did notice "natural flavorings" on some meat and wondered what they wete, too. Such a blur statement. I admire you for pursuing the truth!
    I hope the customer service will reply your message with honesty.

  10. Dear Sis!
    I start to reading yours talking to grocery store man...
    Some ground beef in 10% fat what flavorings in ground beef?
    You has quit to manager The ground beef mean? It was not on the premium grade ground beef.
    You think of the so called "pink shine" if that stores customer don't answer then you don't buy meat any more....
    You will have some answer from him???
    I may going to your home about next weekend...
    It was long time not duing anything with me and you too Sis!
    Sis. Katie,Miyuki and Victoria.

  11. I hope you get the truth about it, though it's only about their getting our money no matter what the health risk is for us.

  12. I hate vague information. For different reasons, though (bulk contamination), I haven't bought ground beef in years. I have a grinder for the rare times when I want a hamburger.