Monday, April 22, 2013

Time Passes

 Months have passed and now my son has resumed his life.  So Katie and I are here resuming ours as well.  Regarding those months I truly would NOT have had it any other way.  I am deeply grateful I had the time, the strength and the wherewithal to accomplish something for him.  It is my pleasure to have served.  One that each sons' birthday and on each Mother's Day I always wrote about..the privilege of having children and the miracle of love that mother's have for their children always, regardless of age.  As long as I have strength and the ability to do it I will always be there for them.  My missing seeing my son is more than equalled by knowing he is back to his life.

Now.  Today I went to work out for the first time in 4 1/2 months and man...could I ever tell the difference.  I also can tell via my views of the, ahem, love handle area.  Heeee.  They were wonderfully absent but, well, they are sorta back now so it will be several months before I can work them off again. Worth it, the enforced absence, I say.  Would not have it any other way as I stated in the beginning paragraph.

So, I worked out as I said AND I got to see some friends in the past several days.  I have heard from them but visiting here was not always an option due to circumstances so I had a wonderful time with them and a round of invitations for lunches and dinners.  There will be shopping in there too.  You know we women.

On May 25th, one of my sons will be married.  I have bought and discarded several outfits but I have settled on one now.  Chiffon-like skirt with fawn, black and cream print and a black border at the hem.  Softly shirred at the waist, falling gracefully.  There will be my favorite black crepe short sleeved jacket over a white camisole. Pearls or gold..don't know which and black heels with a borrowed from the bride -to-be black patent clutch.

The bridal shower for family only Saturday was FABULOUS!  Her ( the bride- to- be) Aunt made all of the arrangements for a shower at a gorgeous  Inn and hour and fifteen minutes from here.  What a gala with the groom, my boy, surprising her with a horse and carriage ride afterward that lasted about half an hour or more. Seeing her shriek with joy and go running the 50 yards or so toward him as he sat in the carriage was absolutely why there was not a dry eye among we women in the family.  A perfect day and one that *I* will remember always.




  1. Wonderful news that he is back to his routine and you yours. I know how hectic it gets before weddings..Things will go smoothly I have no doubts. Have a great week Sis.. :-)

  2. There may be a time of catching up so to speak but as you've already said it's well worth it. I'm sure you're excited about the wedding. I personally dread when such things come my way but I've still got some time in that department fortunately. For now I've got the graduation of my eldest daughter and a trip coming in June to think about...may that suffice! Bless you Carole!

  3. I'm so very very happy that your life is getting back to normal and you have an exciting wedding coming up. You are blessed with 3 wonderful boys, and they in turn are blessed with a wonderful mother.

  4. Every paragraph of this post is just a pleasure to read for my human. So many good things happening now after a difficult few months. Our hearts are celebrating with yours.

  5. Carole it sounds like life is much more normal for you now! And such good things to look forward to :) xx

  6. What a treat to talk to you today Twin. I am so glad that your son is able to return to his home. In part I know because of your loving excellent care.
    How exciting, a wedding in the family! The shower sounds such fun and the carriage ride so romantic! xoxo

  7. How great you got to work out and see your friends! It's really great your son is back to his life and so are you. How exciting wedding is in one month! The bridal shower sounds really wonderful. Horse and carriage ride...oh how dreamy! Your future daughter-in-law is very lucky lady :-)

  8. I am glad to read that things are getting back to normal and with exciting things ahead.

  9. Hi Sis!
    You and Katie are felling well and your pleasure with your son's birthday with each mother day.
    Your mother's of the privilege having children always your son back to his life.
    I feel so happy with big difference your views love handle area you can work again Sis!
    I feel my heart with beautiful Rose flowers.
    Beautiful thinking with your son having special favorite black crepe short sleeved Jacket over a white camisole pearls or gold?... black border clutch.
    The bridal shower on Saturday your boy surprising her,
    A perfect day you will remember always!
    My hearts are celebrating with yours.
    How exciting wedding is wonderful time with you Sis!
    I love you and Katie!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

    1. Sis, you are a precious and dear person, my Sis. xxxoooxxx

  10. Happy all is getting back to normal. I so agree with your thoughts and feelings on being a mother. Best wishes for the future bride and groom. It will be so exciting.