Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Blessed Day

Mother's Day always has been my most favorite day except Christmas and Easter.  Mother's Day gives me the opportunity to express thanks to the Lord for the exquisite gift of three sons.

I have said so many times before that many of you already know what comes next...I feel deeply and profoundly grateful to have my sons and the honor of having cared for them while they were with me.

There truly is no greater treasure, no better gift, nothing more wished for by me than to be their mother.

They are all grown and gone away from me but they have stayed close in that I hear from them a lot and I get to see them a lot.  Nothing surpasses the pleasure of being in their company.  All of this seems perhaps "too too" but nonetheless it IS exactly how I feel and I have never swerved from feeling this honor.

One son was gravely ill and I had the complete honor of caring for him the while he was in the hospital and rehabilitation later plus several months here at the house with me.  An honor.  I mean it.  No one else would do while I was able to stand on my two feet and had breath to breathe.

Another is about to be married in two weeks to a girl that I simply adore.  From the first moment I met her till forever more.  Now I have a daughter too.

The other boys are waiting for their Princesses and she will be there on time for them when the time is right.

All the Dad's who are single and rearing their children, Happy Mother's Day to you as well.  You are both Mom and Dad, and I know myself from experience how terrifically hard that is, and you have my admiration for all you do.  Thank you and I know you are proud of your babies however old they are.

Those who nurture their pets, and the strays they rescue, those who do TNR, giving love to the blameless and the innocent  whose steward we certainly are, thank you and Happy Mother's Day to YOU as well, in the most loving sense of the word.

And lastly, thank you for bearing with me through the years, through all my children, human and furred and their exploits and adventures--- and my speaking of them all so often.  <3

Thanks to ANN of Zoolatry for the graphic.


  1. Lovely sentiments, all of them. Wishing you an exceptionally wonderful Mother's Day!!

  2. That's a lovely post, simply beautiful. A very happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Hi Sis!
    You has a long time good Mother's day is today I always never forgot from all my lovely children are same years.
    As you know you and I are exactly felling as thinking of many years.
    I must send to writing letter to you sorry Sis!
    Dear Sis! Happy wonderful Mother's Day!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  4. A beautiful post Twin! Mother's love their children wholeheartedly and would take a bullet for them. Your sons are very lucky to have such a loving, caring mother. Happy Mother's Day Twin!! xoxoxo

  5. What a sweet, lovely post. I'm touched by your profound love!
    I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day. And as a proud parent of my two boys, happy Mother's Day to me, too :-)

  6. Very well-written! I wish you a Happy Mother's Day! Your sons are so fortunate to have you as their mother.

  7. To one of the so many outstanding Mothers in this world...

    It is wonderful that your sons have stayed in contact with you. I stayed in contact with MY mom, we were peas in a pod. We loved each other's humor, the puns, and the stories. She taught me language and the love of it. We wrote actual letters to each other all the days of her life.

    She died in 2010, and I have missed her every day.
    That doesn't mean I was a "mammas boy". The contrary, I was pretty much out of her "Mamma Influence" when I went to college and that did sadden her a bit. But that lead to the best part of our adult relationship. We were ever-after FRIENDS, co-equal clever and sometimes snarky writers and readers trading letters with stories and poems ever after that. I wish I could tell her that again.

    The hardest thing Mom ever had to get me through was measles at 8 and chickenpox. But I remember those times.

    You got one son through grave illness and rehab. The other is going to be married to a DIL that you adore. That is SO wonderful. ou can't do much better than that.

    So Happy Mothers Day. You've earned it. Set yourself up on a comfy chair, and think of the good things you've done. Since I can't tell MY Mom a "Happy Mothers Day", I will say it to YOU.

    Happy Mothers Day...

    ~ Mark

  8. Happy Mothers Day dear friend. We are blessed aren't we. Enjoy your special day with your #3 (I believe I'm right)

  9. Oh, that was so beautifully written, Carole. Thank you, and happy Mother's Day to you, dear friend.

  10. Have a blessed day Carole!

  11. Happy Mother's day :) Such a beautiful post xx