Thursday, June 13, 2013

N&W (with newly added link on 6-15-13

This, the picture in the header, is the rail yard in Roanoke VA, the city that I come from.  The N&W railroad.  Takes me straight back home to see this photo.

  I don't know or recall how long ago the N&W was absorbed into another railway company or if it just dissolved into nothingness, but a few years ago one of my sons was in Roanoke and went by to take this picture for me.  Nostalgia reasons. I can hear the clacking in my mind..hear either brother of mine saying "here comes the N&W!" when we heard the whistle off in the distance.  I remember walking on the trestle as a VERY young 6 year old with my older brothers.  They used to say things to scare me which were also true for us all...that if we got caught on a trestle  and a train was coming toward us, it was all over but the shouting.  They would get down and listen to the rails thinking they could hear a train coming if one was.  Maybe they got that from comic books...who knows, but we trekked across too many times all aflutter wondering if this was the last time we could.  Sheesh.  Kids.

Reminds me too of our cabin in the mountains of Glenvar which is where we heard and saw the trains most often as they passed on down the mountain a ways.  We'd sit there on the wide front porch and see vistas that now command a huge price.  I went back there probably 12 years ago and it is a place for exclusive homes now.  Our log cabin is long gone and the area is unrecognizable.  We used to have to go to the neighbor's cabin down the road to get water from their well as we had none where the cabin was.  We dumped it in a bucket set solely for our drinking water.  The cabin place was full of snakes though.  I can't count how many were caught in the cabin, the bed name it.  When you live in the unimproved woods, those things happen.  We were there during the summer.

Enough reminiscing.  Just checking in.  xo


  1. I learned something new about you today Twin! The photo is great. I was born in a log cabin in Bloomfield Missouri. I would love to visit there someday.

    I am thinking of you today. HUGS!!

  2. I enjoyed reading a little of your childhood story. I looked for a home in the Lynchburg area, specifically Evington and found a little farmhouse because I wanted to go back to my childhood, too. Happy thoughts going out your way today, Carole!


  3. It is nice one picture brings back many memories. In my hometown I could hear train in the long distance when it was running over the river. When I go back to my hometown and hear the train, it reminds me of my chilfhood :-)

  4. I've many friends from the Roanoke area! Perhaps you might have known some of them. We will have to talk about that the next time we meet - if we can ever manage it.:-)

  5. Hi Sis!
    I'am easily frustrated especially in situation where I'am doing something that makes time with which I can't fully engage the mountains of like yours.
    Sis.Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  6. Great shot. Reminds me of the one in Madison! Husband's father was an engineer on the Milwaukee Road until he retired.

  7. My grandfather worked for the railroad back in the day. I always think of him when I see anything to do with trains...thanks for another roll down the tracks on memory lane!

  8. It's always interesting to learn new things about folk! That picture just emphasises the hugeness of your country and reminds me how small mine is!! :)

  9. The cabin in the woods sounded great until you added snakes. Those things give the creeps. There used to be trains that ran along the river bank tracks across from where we live. Used watch the passenger cars with their lights on going by. That's all gone now too.