Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh No...Rain in the Immediate Forecast...Again.

My goodness, if we are not several feet (yes feet) about the average rainfall in our area by years end, I will be surprised. at years end,  not now. I think we are 11 inches over as of a few days ago.

I have an eventful day ahead and I am wanting to get that part started and over with.  I imagine I had better bring along an umbrella however as after noon time the rain should start.

I went out Monday morning and got some pictures but not many.  I was soaked with dew which is a great thing to happen (no, really) but I got there too late and the sun "blew out" the blooms and reflected off the dew drops.  Not a good picture but I will put it here anyway.

Have the best of days my friends.  Beth, thinking of you today (and every day).


  1. Carole, that flower at the top of the page is breathtaking! You did an awesome job. I still think you are a professional photographer in disguise of a regular blogger. he he - just kidding. But, you do professional photograph work!

  2. It has been really rainy year! Good thing is trees are green and flowers are blooming :-) Though, I think my catnip seeds planted in planter was drowned in heavy rain...
    This is such a pretty picture!

  3. Sorry you're getting even more rain there. We don't care what you say ... your flower picture is beautiful! :)

  4. The flowers are gorgeous. I have always called them painted daisies. I don't know the correct name for them.

    It is finally a beautiful sunny day here Twin

    Thinking of you today. xoxo

  5. Your image still looks quite good, next time just try to move around the plant to see if there are angles that don't have so much reflection.

  6. We have rain coming, too. Had a light sprinkle about noon. Everything looks beautiful because of so much lush and green. Unfortunately the mosquitoes are also a bit 'lush'.

    The Blanket flower is beautiful. For some reason mine didn't drop much seed last summer, so only have a couple plants...still gorgeous.

  7. The rains came here this afternoon, along with some rather loud thunder following streaks of lightning! I'm sure you had some, too. I think it was headed in your direction.

    Yes, Beth has been in my thoughts especially today.

  8. Hi Sis!
    Your flowers is beautiful!
    I thought people in my place are always saying the too much rain is shocking to said more golfing friend.
    Love to see you and Katie!
    Sis.Katie.miyuki.and Victoria.