Friday, July 12, 2013


I pan broiled a good sized chicken breast. I had some green beans and a bit of potato.  That's it and oh, was it good.

To the dismay of my sons and some guests, including gentleman guests, alas, I am a plain food eater.  That's how I cook too.  Yes, I do season with salt, pepper and grilling spices, butter when called for, but that's about it.  I never knew what a grilled veggie was until maybe 6 years ago..Oh...GOOD!  Love that.  So I "branched out" a quarter of an inch.  Wait..I did do that delicious rosemary chicken with red potatoes and that was very seasoned with herbs.  Bear in mind it was my Dad who taught me anything I know about cooking as he was the one who reared me and my brothers.  I still have his favorite fork; an old OLD wooden handled stainless steel fork.  Three tines of course although if there were a quiz question as to how many tines on a fork, I would have to pass it up.  Wait.  Four tines for a salad fork and three for a dinner fork!  Right?

You saw my hair after I got it cut, didn't you?  At least those on FB did for an hour or so.  I found that it is SOOOOO much nicer looking after styling it than when it was half-way down my back.  It looks good right away and stays decent without a lot of styling products because it isn't heavy as it was when it was so long.  Man, it took forever to get it dry and that's not a lot of exaggeration, and now while my hair is still thick and it takes more time to dry than I would like, it isn't as long as before.  The back of my hair is like cat fur it's so thick.  I will put in a messed up picture if I can find it of how much shorter my hair is now.  I won't leave it here but an hour.  Even though I obscured it a little, it makes me a bit nervous as I still never know what's trawling the innerwebs swiping stuff and posting it who knows where.  I deleted it.  at 1953 hrs.

P.S. to those who asked, my boy will be home after another week for a total of 3 1/2 weeks I believe it is.  He got to Auckland first in June, Australia next just for 3 or 4 days, New Zealand yet again with our friends to go on vacation with them (they are New Zealanders)  to the South Island and on the way back to the U.S., he will go to Figi, layover in LA and then, back to NC.

P PS  How you you fix it so someone can subscribe by email?  Fanks you.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful with your shorter hair Twin!!

    I am a plain food cook too; Betty Crocker helped me to learn to cook. xoxo

  2. Your hair looks terrific! And we don't think you look grouchy at all. Actually, the photo reminds us of Pia from The World According to Pia. Not that you look alike, not at all, just something about the tilt of your head, the glasses.

    BTW, we think most women in a certain age range look better with chin or shoulder-length hair (or shorter if they have the bone structure for it). And hurrah for it being more manageable! :-)

  3. Your hair is great. I thought you looked pensive.
    I wish I could subscribe by here email here.

  4. We think your hair looks great!

    How neat that you still have your Dad's fork. :)

  5. Thank you for stopping by Jacqueline's Cat House; it's always nice to meet other bloggers who love cats!...I like your hair and think you look great...Kisses to your darling Coco!...Have a fun weekend!

  6. I guess I missed out on the photo of your short hair cut. Oh well. I to got a short hair cut about a 1/4 inch long now feels great in the summer heat. Did you change Katie's name to Coco? I hope not.

  7. Heyyyyyy......psssstttttttt......took forever to find this page, hahaha, but I did. I LOVE your new look! I swear you look 18, not kidding! Bet you're getting a ton of whistles from the young guys in town ;)
    I wanted to post my own answer to your question about men "hating" cats. Here's my theory, and I'm serious. Ever notice that dogs are exactly like women? Running to meet the man like no tomorrow and lavishing affection -- 'anything you want mr man, anything at all', almost desperate. Then there's the cat, 'i'll be there when i get there', head butt, and a lick when it's convenient, but always cuddling up and a person knows for certain when they're loved by a cat. SO, notice now that men go for dogs. Why? Because the dogs are like women. It's too hard for men to have to deal with themselves (cats) by the time they get home. I rest my case. Sam and Lucy agree all the way, and btw, they send kisses to you and Katie :)
    Ok, send that email! Or phone, either! Come on, do it! XOXOXO

  8. To offer subscribe by email to your readers, just add another widget in the side bar. It's one of the first one offered when you click on add a widget. Your friend Jenny said it all and really summed things up. She's right on too. Yes, you do look much younger than you are.

  9. We managed to see your picture earlier before you deleted it, and very much like the hairstyle. Surely so much easier in the heat and humidity!!

    William's blog had something on it that might discourage you about having a subscribe by email widget several days ago. We just removed mine. Will email you the link to the exact post.

  10. Oh Poo!! :( I missed your pic.....

    Anyway, I just added the Subscribe by e-mail fur the cats yesterday as someone from wordpress wanted to know when new posts were available. Go into LAYOUTS, ADD GADGET, 5th one down FOLLOW BY E-MAIL....., other than that, not sure how it works :\

    Love ♥ Rosemary Chicken & Red Potatoes ;) band how NICE to be your son!!!...... :)

    I wish Jenny D would start posting again, she was a Hoot! :)

    Anyway....., Have a Great weekend~

    ♥♥♥xoxo♥♥♥ to you & da Boss ♥xo L ^.,^

  11. Katie, we wondered who "Ramblingon" was, we forget you had another bloggie! We wish we could see your new hairs, maybe we should start up a FB account. We have a follow by email on our blog. Its easy to add. If you want instructions, let us know. Purrs!

  12. I saw your shorter hair yesyerday and love it!

    Dinner sounds delicious, and yes, roasted veggie are super yummy! :).

    My thick hair is halfway down my back, takes forever to dry and is hard to take care of. It's coming off this week! Maybe i'll post too!

  13. Well I haven't seen your hair but I'm sure it's fabulous! Back in the 70's I had long hair, I don't any more. I'm just glad I still have some hair.