Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday...Not Sure

Hi..not sure whether or not we will get word today but if so, I will post again quickly as I hear.

Meanwhile it has been torrential rain.  Again.  I mentioned already that we have the entire years rainfall as of June.  I went out with camera and the intent to shop for some food as well.  It was an overcast day but not otherwise bad.  Within 10 minutes or less I heard thunder and then, torrential rain.  No pictures were taken and it was raining too hard to comfortably get inti the store and out what with all the walking to do and balancing food bags.

But here is one from yesterday if you would like to see it.  It is a magnolia blossom.

Seems so strange not to be posting about Beth that I have no idea what to write of other than my middle son will be here Tuesday for several days.  He is the one just back from New Zealand and Australia.  My oldest will be here tomorrow evening leaving Monday morning.  Having both boys even if it is separately is always a pleasure to my mother's soul.

See you later perhaps if I hear from Beth's sister.  xo  I compose a blog from information given over the phone from Beth's sister.  I usually run for the keyboard right after I hang up.  :-)


  1. Magnolia blossoms are a favorite of mine.

    We continue to pray for Beth. Thank you, again, for forwarding updates on her when you get them.

    I hope you will have an enjoyable time with both sons.

  2. Beth continues to be in our prayers.

    How special to have two of your sons visiting!

    It sounds as though we still have a chance of rain on Sunday!


  3. Hi Sis!
    We totlelly support a two day for standing well be doing absolutaly nothing this week but it will be Beth soon!
    I am very happy with your son's will be back to tomorrow How is a good news Sis.
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victiria.

  4. So very happy you will have two sons around (off and on) for a few days. Enjoy their visits. I'll check back here before bed to see if there is an update. Prayers will continue. By the way, that flower is gorgeous - as usual. You sure have a knack for photography!

  5. I love Magnolias. Maggie, my white Maine Coon, is named Magnolia. She is from Kentucky. Keep us posted about Beth! We adore her...and you. ~xo~

  6. Thinking of dear Beth always in my Prayers.
    I am happy you are having family over today( Sunday here 10 30am UK.) Enjoy your day and thank you once again. x

  7. Than you for all of the updates dear Twin. I am home now, a bit worse for wear but I am alive and I am so very thankful for your prayers and for the blogging friends all around the world who have been praying for me. I am so glad you will be having more family with you this week. xoxo

  8. Having your boys there is a great gift. Enjoy!

    Beth! I am glad you are home and feeling better than you were. You have been on my people's minds and hearts. Lots of prayers and good wishes!!

  9. Are you sure you didn't teleport to Seattle or something Carole? I literally can't take too much rain...I'm a solar powered creature. I love that picture you got though...delightful! Thank you once again for the updates on Beth, she remains in my prayers.