Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday With Sun. Wonder of Wonders!

Rain, snow, sleet, ice and rain.  SO far in this town it has been rain unceasingly.  But now there is a bit of sun to cheer one.  Busy to the nth degree but got time to do my hair.

We have appointments of one sort or another each day either here in the house or off to The Big City. Tomorrow it is both.  :-)

Son had the staples that were put in on the 19th November taken yesterday.  What a beautiful incision line done by a master surgeon.  He did wonderful work and we seem to be good to go here once he recovers.  I have much to be grateful for both last year and this one.  It is my privilege to serve.

I still need to get some Christmas presents.  Not sure how or when.  May be some IOU's handed out.  I have some but they are not wrapped.  Wish someone else would do it this time.  BUT:  If that is the worst of my problems, the proverbial response is right.  I have it made.

Thank you from my heart for well wishes and those of you who prayed for us.  I will never find the words to express my gladness and appreciation-- but one day you will know, when we are all telling our lives and deeds as we finish this gift of life we have.  You did a fine thing and I am deeply grateful to you each and all.

 This little guy' picture was taken at a happy time  a few months ago when I got to visit my son over the mountains.  He was on my son's house.  Hope you like him.


  1. Twin I am so glad that things are going a bit better. That is what we have all been praying for and will continue to do so.
    Don't worry about other things right now. You have the important things in control and that is really all that matters!! xoxo

  2. Hi Sis!
    hope you are doing well and in great health you really would love our life it tastes great life.
    The little guy's make your son to happy new life for ever!
    I thinking about you all the time Sis!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  3. Our grandson would love the "visitor" at your son's house over the mountain!

    It is so good to hear good reports from the recent surgery for your son. My thoughts and prayers continue! xo

  4. I think the Holiday Season is about the little things.
    The joy we find in a tiny snow flake, the purr of a cat, the music of the season, the wishing others a good holiday and yes, those fabulous Dr's who have helped all of us so much.

    Take care and remember how much you have. Including that photo of that cute lizard ? We don't get those over here in our woods but if we did, Meredith Ann would be having too much fun. As it is, I have to watch close with the little frogs.

    So glad your son is doing good. Everything is just extra as far as I'm concerned.


  5. So happy your son is coming along so well. The season has most of us running around making sure all is taken care of. We have to remember to take a coffee break and recharge now and then.

  6. I'm glad things are on the upswing with you and your family.
    I don't think there's anything like that lizard round these here parts. Suddenly I sound like I'm in a western.

  7. Ooh, Ooh, send them here an I'll wrap them! I once gave my brother a 3 record set and I wrapped them in a triangle with a Snoopy on the top... LOL! And I gave my dad a hammer once wrapped in a big 2 foot X-shaped box with rattley stuff inside. Drove him crazy for 2 weeks. (Hey, he ASKED for the fancy hammer, don't blame me for that).

  8. I love the little lizard! When I was a kid, we used to catch them even though they would bite us! I hope you and yours are all staying warm and recouperating from the cold and chaos! Hugs.

  9. That lizard reminds me of the ones we saw when visiting our relatives in Florida...oh how I miss them and the warmth!

  10. That lizard is cute! I had two of them as pets when I was a kid, and they remind me of growing up in Southern California. :)

    SO happy your son is doing so well.


  11. So happy your son is making a good recovery, it must be a load off your mind. Pray it will continue to go well .
    Love the Lizard.