Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Word to the Wise about smoke

Guys and Girls, Ladies and Gents, if you sell from home, beware of sending goods to customers if you smoke where they are stored or made.  Believe me, even former smokers as myself (I quit over ten years ago) can smell the stale cigarette odor immediately when the package is opened.  Consider keeping your sellables in an area that is smoke free. (Yepper, it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine now. P-U. Heeee)

Back story to the above; yesterday is three times I have gotten  a package in the mail that almost suffocated me when I opened it.  They have all looked wonderfully done up inside.  The products were impeccable as was the packing but the smell was so overpowering I had to set them outside for a while to air.  Oh that reminds me, my "check engine" light came on a few weeks ago so I had to take it in for the computer chip to be read.  Close to $400.00 later I got the car.  It was test driven first and man, when I got  into the car, I assumed the person who had test driven it smoked in the car.  The smell was nasty, and stayed despite my best efforts with the windows down all the way home in frigid weather.  I have sprayed and sprayed Febreze in it and now, it is OK.

I called the Garage to request they not do that.  He said it was that they smoke in the bays while working on the cars and one window is always down in the event of an accidental lock out.  Then they can get in as the keys are in the ignition.  He said no one drove with a cigarette but it may have gotten more than a dose there in the bay.  He said they may have to rethink how they do things in that regard.

I was nice about it.  I just requested they not smoke in the car again and I did it very nicely.  That is when he said it was in the bay that it likely happened.

Well, just saying'.  And those who have known me for years know I never have said anything bad about smoking and smokers.  I used to do it myself.  Just saying the stale smell will assail the customer when the customer opens the box.

ALL that to blogging friends who wouldn't do that.  In other words, I am venting.  And how,  xoxox


  1. Oh- I am with you- I can't stand the smell of smoke on anything. I think smokers just can't smell it at all anymore and don't realize how offensive it is to someone that doesn't smoke.

    Here''s hoping your next packages smell great! xo Diana

  2. Add me to the list of those who have this same "pet peeve!" Very thoughtless of smokers, in my opinion.

  3. I don't like the smell either, it is overpowering and really unhealthy.
    I would think it would be hazardous for the workers to be allowed to smoke in the bay. This should be prohibited for their own safety! xoxox

  4. NanaDiana is right: smokers aren't aware of how strong the smell is and they aren't trying to be offensive or rude. Only twenty years ago there were ashtrays everywhere, on every restaurant table and you could smoke on airplanes, buses, trains . . . just everywhere -- even in hospitals! It is a powerful addiction, though. Now that I haven't smoked in a very long, long time it makes me really gag to smell it, though. I remember my blue Dunhills fondly, though. :-) That and a martini and I was JUST like Holly Golightly.

  5. Here in Canada no one is allowed to smoke in any business or anywhere other than their own homes. The government is very strict about it. I used to dance in night clubs before the ban and it was terrible to inhale all that smoke . Thank god I never enjoyed smoking, didn't see the enjoyment in it, No one smokes in my house, and I mean no one. :-)

  6. I will be so disappointed if I receive package with smell of smoke!
    It may be hard for people who smoke, but I'm very happy that more and more places are smoke-free now.

  7. I'm with you. I can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke. My husband has been quit for 20 some years and he can't stand it either. I would be so angry if I received a package like that. Hugs

  8. I so hear you my daughter smokes and so often she will give me something that smells of smoke and it is annoying, I have no problem with her smoking she is a grown woman but clothes that smell of smoke is so annoying. Tim doesn't smoke in the house and has in fact not done so since we have lived here.

  9. Smoking is gross! And very VERY bad for you! It can give you asthma and asthma attacks, cancer, etc. I have NEVER smoked and I never will. It also makes me very furious when people throw their nasty cigarettes out the window of their car, or on the beach, etc. in my opinion smoking should be outlawed in ALL 50 states!

  10. Hi Sis!
    You has quit long years ago..The products were impeccable was the packing for are while to air. The car smwll was nasty stayed your efforts with the windows the way home I'm glad you are ok.
    You take care of yourself Love you!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  11. This is a good and valid venting piece. I don't think smokers reaize. But you are right. I never smoked, but Bill did. He quit 22 years ago. Cold turkey. ~xo~

  12. There are many times I have wished that tobacco plants never existed.

    1. I know Mark..I have said the same in the years that I DID smoke. I remember the car trip thing you mentioned. I lit cig after cig for hundreds of miles...couldn't drive without firing up.