Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I believe I told you about the over population of deer we have here.  This is a town that has maintained so much of its natural woods/forest that the habitats for most wild animals are still here, literally in our own collective back yards.

I think I have mentioned the deer,  elk, foxes, of course the usual, raccoons, O'Possums and black bears.  They all of them are very plentiful here in my entire town.  I posted a blog with a capture of a newspaper article a year ago I believe, about the black bear in the next door neighbor's yard.  They show up with enough frequency that one must needs look out day or night before leaving the doorway when the sightings are plentiful.  We  also have birds of every sort including raptors which are a delight to me.  A day with a hawk in it is a good day!

I have been sitting on my deck and this next I write of could be day or early evening, to hear a herd of deer running through the woods behind my house (and everyone else's home here on my long long street.  We have a natural green belt all privately owned by we homeowners).  Looking over the deck railing I will see the deer running full speed, thundering hooves crashing through all of the weeds and scrub bushes among the trees.  Sometimes to my delight, they jump my chain link fence and run through my yard, go to a walk on my drive way and saunter onward across the street and onto the sidewalk. They usually use the sidewalk for a while before going through someone else's yard.

The frequency of them appearing suddenly out from the hedges along the street is almost distressing because there are so many times when one could run into them and kill them as well as destroy ones car.  I know most of their crossings and I learn to look for the holes they form by their constant coming and going through brush and bushes and small trees along various homes and street edges.  Find a hole?  Watch out.  Mom, Pop and the two kids will be popping out any time!!! Right in front of you.  I have had my figurative heart in my throat countless times when they have surprised me.  They wander in town too.  Once I saw two of them across from the police station.

Here is a deer just outside of my fence in back.  I had to take it through the bedroom window screen.  Or I would have scared her away.


  1. Ah nature at its finest. Fun to watch but care is needed when they're about. We don't get many deer very often, though did have one run through our yard years ago. Beautiful creatures.

  2. Lovely pictures! We have deers around here, too. I sometimes see a deer and her kids walking in the area behind our house :-)

  3. I never tire of seeing deer and antelope here. The snow and cold has kept me from seeing them as much as I like but it's warming up now...it will be so good to get out and see them again!

  4. It has been awhile, but there were once three deer that would come through our property. I'm sure we have encroached on their habitat.:( Light snow here, though it doesn't seem to be staying on the ground. Take care, and stay safe and warm!

  5. You know I am a softie for all creatures. We did see several herds of deer in the Tennessee mountains. Beautiful.

  6. I have never seen a deer, ever except on telly or in a zoo they always look so cute but I bet they are often not cute and just a annoying. I would like to have wild animals so close to my home.

  7. Hi Sis!
    You has liferellyyour our own collectine back yards,You posted a blog with a capture of a news paper a article you will remember back to a year ago!
    You are enjoy on your staing on the deck you have a natural green bellt.
    You will see the dear running full speed and your delight they jump your chain link fence and run your yard..so many time of the day for you Sis!!
    The kids will your throat countless times wel be very happy time with you Sis!! You having a wonderful time of your life days ha ha ha!!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria,

  8. All I get to see is the occasional skunk and that's mostly at work.

  9. They are so very gorgeous. If only they wouldn't eat plants and gardens! You are so fortunate to live next door to them. We have some that roam about 4 blocks from us, but nothing to attract them to our street.

  10. My only experience with bears is smallish black bears in northern NH while visiting an uncle who ran a hunting/fishing camp. Fortunately, the black bears were only interested in landfill scavanging. But he told us that if we were appraoched by one, to stand up tall and wave our coat around .

    I love to see deer, in the abstract. They are beautiful animals. But there are too many of them around here. I was in a car that hit one once and sufferred a neck vertebra damage that crops up every now and then (ulnar nerve damage that leaves 2 fingers numb for weeks). I blame a lack of permitted hunting sites for the over-abundance.

    Deer are animals that everyone loves unless you have too many of them around you.