Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I peeked out of the mini blinds and saw the rising sun beginning to mark the horizon with gold.

 Let's hurry!  The first order of the day is to be dressed, put on suitable shoes and have a bite of food  and some fragrant coffee while keeping an eye on the brightening horizon.

The time has come to pack the camera, add the mat upon which to kneel, the tripod "just in case" and a red bandanna rolled and twisted around my forehead and hair We all of us march out to the car. Joy!

I know just where to go.  The smile is back on my face in anticipation.  On arrival at the destination I so longed for all winter, I get out of the vehicle and start gathering things from the back seat.  I know I will be looking for insects, flowers and small miracles in the grass as well as on the bushes, so I only take the camera, the kneeling mat and the closeup lens.

Oh!  It is so humid and hot.  I can hear the "heat bugs" all around me as I walk to my choice of a first area of wild flowers.  They, the chorusing insects, add to the delight of the day for me.  They mean summer or the heat of spring.  The heat and humidity which are already making my scalp wet do as well.  I don't care.  My usual vanity-type concerns fade when I turn into the copse where my little ones are waiting for me.   The sun is gleaming with growing ardor down onto the cleared spaces of my magical playground. But my babies are all in the shade, still covered with their jewels in the form of pure dew.

I walk softly and respectfully to where they are gathered and listen closely to their murmurs.  I kneel down among them and whisper 'good morning' to the assembly right where I am at the moment.  If an opportunity presents itself I thank them humbly, (and I do indeed, my friends) and watch as bees come to feed and gather pollen.  We, the bees and I, are friends.  We do not become upset in the presence of one another and we always share the moment in peace. I watch them and occasionally make a  mental comment to them about their thick leggings of pollen.  I am always complimentary of their work. It pays to be polite don't you know?

 I engage the butterflies who stop by or land near me in a greeting, and  I remark on their help with the pollinating.  They like their pictures taken too, as do the bees and the wildflowers.   I ask their leave and they have posed very nicely for me on many occasions.  I rise from my mat and go to another group of wildflowers who have woken and begun their day.  I greet them as well and whisper to them of my hopes and ask that they  help me capture just a little of their magic.  They are lenient with those of us who listen, and who are respectful of the wildflowers and insects tiny world.  And I am here to say that I have learned a lot in my conversations with them.   Some of my conversations I have transcribed to my photos of these beautiful subjects, in my Flickr account.  One of my favorite conversations of all time was with a group of wallflowers who told me they were there to be chaperons at the springtime  dance of the dwellers of the meadow.  I was honored to show them in their beautiful pastel dresses and help them tell their story.

I can hardly wait friends.  I am so looking forward to being there with them again.  I hope they missed me?  Have they wondered where I have been?  Will they send a silent message to me as I approach?   I will greet them with my best smile when I see them soon.

One of the dearest little faces in the world.  This little one was in my yard today and the only sweetie open.  Everyone else was still closed tightly but this one said it was all right to celebrate her beauty and her simply being here.


  1. They have dear Patty! Here is a slightly fuzzy one added now..

  2. I loved this post Twin!! It makes me truly believe that spring will come and you will be out taking those wonderful photos for us again.
    The header photo is magnificent! xoxo

  3. Absolutely beautifully written! Love that header! xo

  4. Love it Sis..still white here but it is melting..rain tomorrow may take it all away but the large hills of plowed dark muddy snow in the parking lots.. Yes you are right things might be looking up soon. Take care

  5. What a lovely post! You are very polite and respectful to flowers and insects, and they can feel that, too! It's like you are part of nature together. I'm sure they missed you and can't wait to see you :-)

  6. oh how I await even the simplest blade of grass...

  7. I love this! What a great post, my friend! Hugs!

  8. The emerging theme of hope that only spring can bring has been flooding me lately...oh how I love that! That little flower there is great!

  9. What a Beautiful post! I just Love it! *clapping hands*
    Just in time for Spring!
    May I join you? :)
    ♥ xo ♥

  10. Oh Carole, how I enoyed reading this. I close my eyes and see you kneeling down there talking to the bees and flowers. I'll be they are just waiting for you to take their picture.

  11. Wonderful post Carole! You have wet my appetite. I just commented on a blog about that persons sunrise shots andhHow I can't wait to take more sunrise/sunset pictures on guess where? Martha's Vineyard. I'll be reporting from there beginning June 1 for a week.
    Wonderful post and Picture.
    I'm outta here.

  12. Dear Sis!
    This is a wonderful post! The tripod just in care and a red bandanna rolled and twisted around your fordhead and hiar your all of as mach out to the car joy!
    You know you will be looking for incexts.flowera and small miracles in the grass as well as on the buspes,so you only take the camera the knlling mat and the clossup..I love to wating all the time Sis!!
    You fell so humid and hot also you fell of the heat bugo too much with you
    has walk to your shoice of first area of wild frowers.
    The mean summer of the head of spring the head of spring...the heat and hamidity are already making your scalp wet as well You don't care...
    Your babies are all in the shade, their jewels in the form of pure dew.
    Whisper good momening to the assembly at the moment when You an opportunity presents itself them humbly and you do indeed your friends.
    You are always complinemtary of their work.
    I was start with you all the time your picture time?
    Today I has golfing with my friends 9-30 - 1-30 after we has lanch. just ok
    will be another two month then I will be much better?
    Sis,katie,Miyuki,and Victoria.

  13. My word, Carole! This is just beautiful and you took us right there with you. I could smell the scent of renewal.

  14. My word, Carole! How beautiful. Thank you for taking us right there with you. I could smell the scent of renewal.

  15. Ah Carole, you have captured the warmest of feelings between you and the smaller beings of Mother Nature. Bees to me are to be respected too, they are Natures workers, doing such a marvellous job, and what pay do they get? eh? mayhap a bit of nectar, if they're lucky I bet... Many thanks for putting a BIG smile on my face, Bees, Flutter bys, and flowers showing their faces to the Spring-ing World. and you ... Such a purrrfect day and you spent it so, so well. :-) xPenx

  16. Oh that was beautiful am so glad I didn't miss this post. I was there with you feeling the heat and those sights before your eye's. Like you I am always watching and listening to all around me. When I catch sight of the Dragon fly here up at my pond . I know Summer is on it's way.
    Hope you are well Hugs Sheila x

  17. Beautiful post dear friend. As I said in my comment to your above post, you have such a way with words that I find myself hanging on to every word. As you know, I usually skim thru things, but not here. Spring is coming.