Monday, March 31, 2014

Yello Everbodee

Well, I have comment moderation after 24 hours on this blog but I will have to go to immediate moderation here as well as Katie's blog as some of my friends have done.  The reason is some troll said some really ugly ugly things to Katie Isabella this morning.  There was no call for that.  I see s/he is making the rounds to many others in the CB (Cat Blogosphere) so I may as well be the only one seeing the deranged things.  Spare you all.

Spring has gotten here at last and toward the middle of the week, it will be 80 degrees.   The weeds are sprouting.  Good thing as they are the only thing I have that's green out there. Grass meets the kiss o' death here in my yard.  I'm beginning to think it's personal!  :-)

Is it me or what?  I am referring to something new here.  I want a canister vacuum.  At least a 12 inch power head to the floor.  ALL I can find to fit that bill are on-line ONLY.  That means shipping and handling but it also means you have to assemble it (I am NO...repeat NO NO NO good at that.  Never have been, never will be.  AND with it on line only I can't see it or ask questions.  I have checked so many places and online only for the most part.  The uprights which I don't want but would settle for are either terribly cheap only.

My back is killing me (it is in bad shape anyway) leaning over to vacuum with this little truly short upright I have.  AND it only has like a 20 foot cord,  MAJOR problem.

OK.  Had to complain.  Bye.

The front of this thing reminds me of a Star Wars Storm Trooper in appearance. Just saying'.


  1. I have comment moderation because my sis and a few friends don't blog. I wanted them to be able to comment. I have been so glad that i did because I am getting goofy comments and spam which I can delete immediately. It is awful to think that there are so many sickos out there.
    I know what a bad back is because we have that in common too Twin!

  2. Just send them to spam and report it. You have to do this three or four times and then it doesn't come through any more. As far as your comments-go in delete it-then report it as spam. We have all had trolls to deal with and once your start being vigilant about reporting them-they hardly bother you anymore. xo Diana

  3. Laughing about your yard!:-) It sounds just like ours!:-)

    So sorry you are having this problem with comments.:-( Really hard to understand.

    I hope you find the vacuum you need without all this hassle.xo

  4. So sorry to hear about spam comment. I'm really upset to know someone commented ugly thing to sweet Katie san.
    I feel the pain about "online only" things! I found a really nice looking cat tree but it was online only. I'd like to see and touch and check it before purchasing.
    The front if the car does look like Storm Trooper. LOL!!

  5. Good grief, Carol, awful about the catblog! I ran over to mine there and tg nothing was there, but that is one sick thing to do and I can't even imagine what would make someone do that. Ugh.

    For the vacuum, have you tried Sears in-store? Orrrrrr, maybe call the Kirby people because they'll come right out to your house. Can't beat that.

    Good to see you again, Carol; hair still shoulder length like the cut you got a few years back that I saw? GREAT style on you!

    I just got my "follow' worked out and trying to make notes on it. It is completely different than what Diana was talking about on her page. I think I have a different version of blogger. Probably do. It was inactive for those 3 years and no changes. Well, doesn't matter, I found a way. Yay!

  6. There seem to be crazy people with no better things to occupy their minds Carole. Just feel sorry for their small lives.... and hope that back improves, makes life miserable 'cos you can't do a thing.. You should see me trying to get into my bustier... (hate strappy bra's) so it's hit or miss whether I stay on my feet.. (choke!!) I wonder sometimes wether to just 'jump' and hope for the best. Heh!! Anyway enough of my morning Gymnastics.. I shall leave the in peace to get a few weeds or two... erm... fancy having a go at mine? erm.. no don't answer , that look was enuff!! hugs to you and Li'l Kate... xPenx

  7. Haven't had trouble with comments so far, but will report them if I ever do. I saw 2 little crocus peeking out yesterday. Spring is trying to get here.

  8. Glad you can curb all those haters of blogs and the kitties. Hope your week will go well.. still cold here.. it never seems to end.. it's getting a little browner though..not nearly as WHITE.. LOL Take care.. :-)

  9. I don't get why people do such things...I'm truly sorry to hear that Carole :( I totally see the storm trooper in the car...LOL!

  10. Sheesh, whatsamatterwithme, it's "carole' with an "e". I KNOW that as well as my own name. Maybe I'll be headed to that "home" sooner than I thought. Mercy, mercy me.

  11. I cannot imagine someone being mean to Katie! What the heck? I hope you are okay. Take care.

  12. I have an upright vacuum as well. It's cumbersome and noisy as, well you know. I don't find the Lexus particularly attractive.

  13. Ok I am not a cat lover but hell I don't see the point of leaving nasty comments on cat blogs what is the point I really don't get it

  14. We sure hope that doesn't happen here. Sorry it did to you.

  15. Hi Sis!
    Katie's blog as same of your friemds have done. The rounds to many othere in the CB Cat blogosphere.You are begining to think i'ts preronal of cause.
    All you can find to fit that bill are on line only. but it also means you have e been never will be. It is in bad shape anyway.
    I need thinking about your car....
    xxx ooo
    Sis.Katie.miyuki, and Victoria.

  16. I am sympathetic! I'm still using a stick vacuum I bought back in the early 80's and at this point I'm going to have to start manufacturing my own replacement parts because the company laughs at me when I tell them I'm still using it. Hey, if it works and it ain't broke . . . right?!