Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another Day For Which to be Grateful

Nothing is wrong, just I really DO feel that way.  Each day is a gift whether you are 21 years old or 51 years old.  Age does not factor in here in gratitude for our lives.

Anyway, the header is not one of my "good" pictures  :-)  but I wanted you to see what the whole tree looked like.  Well, at least PART of the entire tree.  The little frame around it is to hide some of the distractions.  I'll leave it up a day or so.

Something wonderful happened to a member of my family here yesterday and we are in a celebratory mood!  :-)  That's a good thing as ol' Martha would have said.

Other than changing the header and saying that, I am done (my!  I think I felt the wind of all those gusty breaths of relief)!  I know I am usually pretty lengthy.  Especially on my rants.

Have a good day with some good things happening.Just getting to do your work is a good thing.  Think of those who can't.  No, not me.  Just saying'.  ❤

I am always so fascinated by this phenom!  It's very near me.


  1. The water in the drain at the Continental Divide always fascinated me. I'm happy for your good news. We recently got some too and have felt much better. Enjoy the day!

  2. I am celebrating with you! xoxo
    The header photo is beautiful!!

  3. Now I have to go and look up the eastern continental divide.
    Your header picture is just fine.
    Let's go help Nancy move.

  4. I do hope not , every day is a gift I believe also.
    Your family celebration that I do hope you will all enjoy. Sounds exciting all is well. The header is great such beautiful colors , lovely.
    Sheila x

  5. Oh I love your header photo. So beautiful!
    How nice something wonderful happened to your family. It's always great to see happy faces on our loved ones :-)

  6. A grateful attitude is always a good thing if you ask me...no matter the reason for it. That tree is simply amazing!

  7. I love your header! It's beautiful! Spring has come for you, and i'm happy about that. What a gorgeous shade of pink! :)

    Hubby and i visited the western Continental Divide a couple of years back. Ligan Pass, Glacier National Park. Eleven thousand and something feet. And it was on Summer Solstice, and there was still a 'ton' of snow up there. Visitor's Center not yet open, but of coursei had to 'go'. Port o potties freezing and rockin' in the wind! Lol

  8. Love your tree. I wish I had one in my yard. Had a white one in my old yard though.

    Each moment is special. I forget sometimes but it does bother me when people cause such troubles. I'm a easy enjoy the moment gal. At least I try to be.

    Pet that cute cat of yours from me,

    JC and The Beach Bums ... also know as Fur and Purr Gang

  9. I always wake up with the thought that this will be a good day...and I am seldom disappointed. Glad you had a happy surprise in your family and hope you will share it with us sometime. Have a GOOD day! xo Diana

  10. I signed you up for the giveaway. You are still a No Reply when you leave a comment so I don't have any way to get back to you-

  11. So happy to hear of your good news and i'll help celebrate it too. Iove your header. It is beautiful.

  12. Hi Sis!
    You has wonderful wish your family mind your eastern photo Iwas happy to see you sis!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria.

  13. I am happy that you are happy! Celebrate good news, for sure! I went through that eastern divide with Bill recently! I went through the western one with him long ago.

  14. Good news - the type of thing that makes you dance for joy - is always welcome! Blessings.

    By the way, it IS one of your "good" pictures. I think it's lovely!

  15. I celebrate your happy day!
    Even if I do not know why
    The celebration is good,
    It is still good.
    Because you have a reason to celebrate.

  16. That looks like a fun place to visit!!

  17. So glad something extra gratefull has happen in your life. Thanks for sharing you dream with me when you commented at my blog. LOL funny how people can pop up out of now where in a dream. Just to let you know I know nothing about grading gems or stones or even a clue what the dream may have meant. Now had it been you I was grading I would have said you are of the highest quality of a gem. See you in your next dream.