Saturday, June 7, 2014

Doors and Things

I called Home Depot yesterday to ask about when my new doors were going to be here.  They have had a handsome sum of money from me since April 29th.  The door had to be ordered, in all fairness. It is the kitchen door and the door way is more narrow by three inches than the standard doorway.  Hence, they don't have them just lying about in the store.  But this is a long time.  I called and they said it is on the truck making its way and the installer will be calling me before long for a day and time to get 'er done.

I am so looking forward to it.  Not only because it will be far more attractive but because I am hoping that finally there will be a far lessened chance of winter's cold air leaking through the door jams and under. I have weather stripping on this old one, yes.  But I have been forced to stuff paper towels all around the door frame and door when it is cold!  Now that looks like heck and you hesitate to open it to take out last minute trash after all that work.

I have no ability to do any repair or whatever around the house.  I can keep it clean and that is it.  Not having a man can be a detriment as most times they have learned how to do these things.  My three sons are as useless as I am.  Well, not quite as useless at house things, that was an exaggeration,  but with no Dad to teach them they too are at a disadvantage.  The middle son got some instruction from the place he went to in order to get his deck repaired, and they told him how HE could rip off boards and replace them himself and he did a remarkable job!  He just needed being told as do/did the other sons.   He by far, the middle teacher one, is the more talented at house repair.

Sorry.  Got off on a tangent.

Katie said good morning at 0530 with a throw up on the carpet in the bedroom.  Sigh.  That is a sound every pet owner knows by heart.  :-(  Stuff happens.

Hope your weekend is relaxing and fun.  xo


  1. I hope you get your door in soon twin.
    Have a good weekend! xoxo

  2. I hear you girlfriend. I'm not handy with stuff like that either, but have Mr. D to do the work now. Otherwise we'd be hiring it out too. Don't you just love those surprise packages our kitties leave for us first thing in the morning.

  3. We are going to have someone come out and assess the damage from our last hail about beyond my skill level! Expenses are annoying but having insurance sure helps.

  4. Wow your son did deck repair himself? That's amazing! I have no such skills, either. Sometimes assembling kitty toy is quite a hard work! I hope your door gets installed soon.
    Oh, yes, I know the sound of my boys throwing up by heart!

  5. Great to be getting something new for the house! This one is ten years old now, and is hinting at needing a few "small" improvements.:-) xo

  6. I hope your new door arrives soon. It always amazes me how long it takes to get a special order from any company. Fortunately both hubby and I are do-it-yourselfers to a certain point.

    Yes, I know that sound all too well.

  7. Hope you get that phone call soon from the door hanger guy. ;)
    I don't know how to do much, either. If I needed to learn anything these days I think I would try youtube first, being a visual learner. I think you can find almost anything on the internet. :)

  8. Time just seems to drag on mercilessly when you're waiting for something you really want / need! Soon, friend Carole, you'll have the attractive and functional door in place.

    And "that sound" can wake me out of a sound sleep. I always forgive my poor old guy.

  9. Yeah I hope the door is in soon for you been a long wait

  10. I surely hope you get it in. It takes ages to get anything done anymore. Hugs, xo

  11. I do hope that door arrives soon, the old one sound iffy.
    Housework takes up a lot of my time , I enjoy it most of the time. But admit to would rather doing something else. Let's know how you get on with the Door.
    Hugs Sheila x

  12. Hi Sis!
    The door has to be all fairness at kitchen door and the middle son got some intruction him self and he did a remarkable job.he told to other sons.
    he by far the middle teacher one the more talented house repair.
    You will be everything ok in your house!
    Sis,katie,and Victoria,

  13. I hope that truck finds your place soon and you are happy with the results..oh my my sister's cat is female and grooms herself all the time and has NEVER thrown up.. somethin must be wrong with her..hmmm she is about 4 now. Take care and stay safe in these horrible storms this summer.