Saturday, June 21, 2014

Extra Nice Day it Was

Heeeee. I almost said "KITTIES!" but instead I will say hello.  Katie exerts her influence on me.

It started out to be a wonderful day yesterday right there where I was working out.  When I walked in, the girl behind the desk asked if I came from another area not too far away.  (near the Smokies) and I replied that no, I came from here.  Curious, I asked why she thought I might come from the other place and she said ladies there seemed to be like me.  That got me more curious so asking again, I said how did I seem to her, if she thought I was from that other place.  She then gave me the best uplifting compliment I have ever had and I think it was sincere.  She told me  that I had "the sweetest face".  And that I seemed to be one who would be sitting in front of a fire, creating something and perhaps cooking a lot.  That from a high school senior.  To be told I had the sweetest face not only made my moment, it has continued to make my day to this second.  It will continue to do so.  She saw me as a gentle sweet person. I hope I am.  If I am, I earned that comment because I have worked hard spiritually.

Then, later in the say as I was walking down an aisle of a store after passing a woman who was walking slowly in front of me, I continued on down the aisle and I heard "Carole".  I kept going and I heard "Carole" again.  I knew then it had to be for me.  I turned and it was a treasured friend that I haven't seen in a long while.  I asked how she knew it was me.  She said "you were walking the Carole walk"  I said "what is that like"?  And she said "swift as the passing wind and bouncy"!  True.  I always walk quickly and I do bounce when I walk.  Guys used to laugh at that  during my career and people still do.  Just the way I roll I guess.

Anyway, I just had my dinner and about to toss back an orange water.  And I'll do some dishes and go see you.  LP, I did get the comment and I didn't publish the comment in case you'd prefer your email not be out there.   Otherwise it would be a pleasure to publish.  xox


  1. It is always nice to get a genuine compliment. Because they seem so few and far between. So glad it has continued to light you day.

  2. That was a lovely compliment. I frequently tell strangers (women) that their hair cut is fabulous or what they're wearing looks terrific on them, etc. I don't compliment men, lest it be taken the wrong way, sad to say.

    We don't say these kinds of things enough, so how wonderful it was that this young girl did. Somebody a couple of years ago told me I a gentle energy about me, but given how often I'm in an intense hormonal rage, I didn't believe her. :-P

  3. Oh I think we are related I bounce when I walk too and used to get teased for it too but now I am so happy I have that unique bounce:) That is a beautiful compliment I am sure you are beautiful. Hug B

  4. Oh what a lovely compliment! It must be really your sweetness inside showing on your face. I love how the girl thought you were the one who would sit in front of fire and creating something and cooking :-) That is really lovely.

  5. A beautiful compliment for a beautiful lady! I walk fast too and my daughter who is 20 years younger has a time keeping up with me. Not sure if i bounce though. :-) xoxox

  6. Rosemary B here
    Carole, this just make me love you even more,
    You did have a great day.

    I walk very fast, all the time.
    Love always

  7. Oh that was a lovely post , bouncy and quick. Sounds fun and attractive Carole enjoy your great Day.
    Sheila x

  8. When people mention something about us without planning, we think they are honest. They usually are.

  9. Oh what a great post I am glad I came and read it

  10. What a lovely compliment she gave you. And that is exactly how I picture you too, though we've never met in person! :)

    Gorgeous photo of sky, btw!

  11. Hi Sis!
    Have you said Katie exerts her intlvence on you...The girl behind the desk asked the other place ladies there seemed to be like you.
    If she thought you are from other place..You think it was sincere she told you that you has sweetest face. Your lovely compliment would be a pleasure to you sis!
    We has too much raining for more then 10 days.
    I fell like to we can go to drive over some nice way sis!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and victoria,

  12. Well so many details about you. I am trying to imagine a bounce when one walks. I am a fast walker also though. What a wonderful feeling to be noticed in such a positive way. Often I feel like a robot when out in town and feels so good when someone actually notices something about you. Keep that bounce up.