Friday, October 10, 2014

Another Rainy Rainy Gloomy Dark Day.

But, better to have that than none at all.  :-)

I just got back from getting my flu shot.  They are short handed so it took a while of sitting to get called to where they were giving shots.  There were two nurses and I was at my doctor's office.  Nice to get that done.  They usually swell a bit, turn red somewhat and sometimes itch.  My reaction lasts a week or so.  But it beats having the flu.

One of my good friends and a colleague passed away several days ago and his family is receiving friends this evening and of course, I will go.  It really bothers me that he is gone as it was his choice as opposed to illness or accident.  You hope that anyone you know will reach out to their family or even friends or a doctor rather than feel that hopeless.  But it is not for me to ever know.  I just feel saddened by it.

Moving on to another topic, I want to thank those who were concerned about me and my family and expressed that either here or in Katie's blog.  Not many know I have one but everyone knows about Queen (or Countess) Katie. :-)  So dear and concerned comments poured in there.  Thank you each and every one.  These dear thoughts and prayers make a huge difference because He is always listening.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is about on us?  And Christmas only 4 weeks past THEN?  WHERE do the weeks fly off to?  I am always wake up Christmas morning..turn around several times and it's the 4th of July!  Turn around again and it has become time for Christmas again.

See you soon.  Getting somewhat busy around here.  xxoo


  1. And Snoopy said, It was a dark and gloomy day when sat to write her blog. Gloomy days are great times to ramble a bit. Sorry about you friend.

    Now for the pumpkin pies and rum fruit cakes.... you and the feline have a great all hallowed nite.

  2. Sorry to hear the news and sending my condolences and prayers. I've been out of the loop lately and so sorry I have missed so much. Hugs, xo

  3. Carole, I'm sorry about your friend/colleague. I spent several years battling suicidal ideation every single day, but thank goodness never was willing to leave Chumley and Annie. I'm so saddened that this disease has claimed someone else and am sending universal Light to family and friends. May his soul be at peace now.

    Continued purrs and Light and purrayers to you and your son too, and Katie as well.

    As for Thanksgiving, ours IS upon us: Canada celebrates that holiday on Monday.


  4. That is so very sad! :'( There IS always hope. We look to the One that is steadfast and certain. xoxox

  5. Dear Carole, I'm so very sorry about your friend. It is so sad that they feel there is no alternative - no other way out. It's so hard on those left be hind because everyone would have wanted to help him had they only known. So sad. Yes, time flies too rapidly. The day is over practically before I'm totally dressed in the morning. I think that happens as we age (shhh, I didn't say that!).

  6. So sorry for your loss. Live each day to it's fullest I say. Life changes and so do the seasons. Take care.

  7. That's so sad about your friend/colleague. Purrs and prayers of peace and comfort to the family and loved ones he left behind.

    And yes ... this year is passing so quickly!

    Hugs to you and Katie and your family.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Prayers for his families and friends, and peaceful rest of his soul.
    Time flies indeed. I can't believe it's October already! Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Sis so sorry to hear about your friend it is hard to lose our friends for sure. You and the family are always on my prayer list...these days even more. Big Hugs.. (((((()))))) XOXO

  10. I guess I can only echo the expressions of sadness mentioned above.
    As much as I like the holidays I try real hard not to get caught up in all hoopla generated this time of year, except for the turning of the leafs. Still waiting...

  11. Rosemary and the boys here:
    Sorry to hear the news about your friend. Their family is heartbroken I am sure. Depression is a well hidden condition, we all have it at times, but there are some that make irrational decisions, and that is part of the real disease.

    I know your courageous Erich is going through another big battle. I am keeping both of you, as always in my heart and prayers. I just want to hug both of you.

    It is dreary here too.

    I think I am getting dementia. Yesterday I thought it was Thursday all day, until later.... hubbs informed me. Time does fly. I am considering leaving up the tree this year when I put it up. Actually mom and dad used to have some goofy friend in Maryland in their old neighborhood that did indeed leave up their tree all year. It is odd. And we have the humans in the house down the street from us that put their artificial tree up on Christmas eve and leave it up until June or July. Every year for the past ten years. fully decorated and with white fluffy garland too.

    I wish we lived closer. Now that mom and dad are 4 miles away, I do not see us moving to Tennessee anytime soon.

  12. I believe in prayer, and you are always in mine. Hugs!

  13. Hi Sis!
    Where the weather station instruments are hence,Alcoa's srats are supposed to be knoxvile's Ooooo Kaaay!! Well who woulda thunk it? Sheesh>
    Picture of your room,without a fash, it is grainy and taken with the phone.itdosen't do will is such low light.
    The whole house is lit with lights in the varcions room.
    you aremostly in ie the liveing room and here,the computer room and the kitchen so dreary and gloomy.
    You have the pleasure of your son his wife and baby grandson too be coming.
    You made a bit of parmesan cheese, You made an apple pie too,
    Some steamed broccoll and carrits as a side,
    I hope you having a nice family with all the times.
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki, and Victoria,

  14. Always in my prayers dear Twin! xoxo

  15. Oh I have missed quite a bit here, I hope you are feeling well today.
    Sorry to hear of your friends passing very sad,
    Don't know where the time goes just fly's by.
    Hugs Sheila x

  16. I get my flu shots at the Safeway store. I don't know what they use for needles, but I can't even tell the needle goes in. And never any itch there.