Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Goodness Mercy Me

Getting closer to the Christmas feast.  I was just asking the middle boy what he thought would be a change or something good.  I will have the three boys, one daughter-in-law, a grandson who will show us what he looks like end of March, and me.  Well Katie too, but no human food for her.  She does not like it.

I am pleased they will all be here and that everyone is well this year.  First time in three years that Thanksgiving and Christmas can be celebrated by the three of us all well and fit. I think neither my son or his wife ever read this blog but I am afraid to take a chance.  I want to tell you my favorite present for the three of them but you never know.

I had a fabulous time at that meeting and if I knew how I would attach a voice recording I made for 29 seconds that would blow your hair back in the listening because it is THAT loud.  LOVE it.

Everyone talking loudly at once so really not identifiable except for one shouted out declaration about insurance and their rehab after a heart surgery.  We colleagues know who it is as the voice is very unique, but no one else in the world would.

I bought a four inch memory foam mattress topper and had to get in a son to help get it OFF the floor and onto the bed it was so heavy.  I got to sleep on it last night and so did Katie who hogged my side of the bed without moving she was so comfortable.  I was till I wanted to turn over.  It was like swimming in the ocean to turn, for one thing.  And that cat would NOT move, for another.  Then she decided to give my hair a good wash in the middle of the night.  I asked her not to so she changed to washing my hand and arm.  As there was lotion on them it would not have been good for her to continue even if I could stand it. Then later in the deep darkness she spoke to me softly.  Faint headbonks onto my head and arm.  I asked her to quit.  Later, she thought perhaps she could roust me from my place I regained when she took a bathroom break.  It was an active night and she has never behaved like that in her life.  That bath for me has got to quit but I appreciate her effort.  I had one so no need to repeat.  :-)

Everything is bought, wrapped and waiting.  Tree won't go up till Christmas Eve due to Miss Katie.  It will come down Christmas night.

Sleep tight.  Don't let the you-know-whats-bite.


  1. Sounds like you are all set for the big day and so happy your family will be there too. No kitties here to keep me up and I sleep well now. I slept on one of those toppers for two years and it has been terrible trying to get used to NOT having it. Bed seems so much more lumpy, LOL.. They are very WARM in the winter but too hot in the summer for me. Hope you will like it. So grateful this year everyone is well. Take care

  2. Katie san must have liked the memory foam matress very much. My boys give me bath sometimes, but most of the time, I think it's by mistake :-)
    Sounds like you are all ready for Christmas, except for the tree. I need to start shopping, too! Have a wonderful week xoxo

  3. Wow, one day for your tree huh? May it be the best Christmas ever!

  4. RosemaryFlower here
    I enjoyed reading this as I sit on the floor at my parents apartment.
    I love you Carole
    I am so happy that everything is very very good.
    Here too.

  5. Sometimes we wonder how such a small thing can hog the bed, doesn't always have to be a cat it can be a grandchild.

  6. If the mattress topper is warm, that would be another plus!!! I am always freezing at night. Something to do with my bedroom having three outside walls! We lolled and lolled at you having the tree up for just one day!!! Austin never bothers with ours. Mind you it's so puny, it's hardly worth the bother!! ;) xox

  7. Oh my. Wish I were there. It will just be me and the critters. Bill will be in his truck somewhere.
    I am so happy to know you will all be together, well and happy. HUGS!!

  8. It is so wonderful that you will all be together for Christmas. God is good!

  9. We have been suspicious of those memory foam mattresses, and what you said about yours tells me that we were right to be suspicious. :-) I always try to keep my arms under at least a sheet, in case a kitty wants to get ambitious about grooming. :-)

    Glad you are all well, and lhope you all stay that way!

  10. If you think a foam bed topping is wobbly, you should try sleeping with 3 restless cats on a real old waterbed with no baffles! LOL!


  11. How wonderful that you will all be together for Christmas! Isn't it amazing how cats can take up SO much of the bed? We ask oursleves about that all the time. :)

  12. How nice you all can get together this year. I don't even like the thought of not having them all here Christmas Eve. Oreo moves from one of us to the other at night, givine us equal attention. But, in the morning it's me he wakes up with his nose to mine and a kiss. Makes it hard to tell him it's too early.

  13. Hi Sis!
    You are always of in the Chiristmas celebrated by the three of us..Yes!
    I hope everyone except for you and just like Katie for you make comfortable!
    but swinmming in the Ocean are will be cold weather....Oh Yes!
    We all of the Chrismas time together this years ...ha ha ha
    Will be lucky for I tired of my corrections have night?
    See you soon...
    Sis,Katie,Miyoki,and Victoria,

  14. I have one too, and I can attest to the fact that they're HEAVY! I bought it for my back. I liked it for awhile but it felt to all-enveloping at some point. Now, it sits in my closet. I want my floor space back. MOL! I do hope it helps you drop off to sleep more peacefully.