Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The New Left

Left is the new right,   Or, right is the new left.  What do I mean?  Well, I have mentioned it before in MSN Spaces days.

I mean the people,just moseying' on along are largely in the so-called passing lane or for my purposes here, the left lane.  Those who wish to pass the 10 or so MPH under the speed limit motorists  must needs pass on the  right which is against the law.  Remember the old "no passing on the right" dealio that we learned among other things when we got our drivers license?  Well, for the past fifteen years or so if you want to pass, it's largely going to be on the right.

Why in the world would a fella or lady wanna be in the passing lane if they ain't passing or speeding?  (not that I mean all who go in the left lane should speed.  It was a figure of speech pertinent to what I am saying here).

And then, there are the SUV's who have become a sentient being  all on their own as a group.  The group of them throughout the Land I mean.  They love to feel the love by nestling up against your rear bumper, gently (ahem) urging you to go faster and faster or at get you to least levitate so they can go under or around you.  Traffic conditions are not to be a hindrance to you getting out of their way.   Yup.

If it's a two way entrance or exit somewhere and you have a gigantic SUV, yes, indeed, please DO ride down the middle of it leaving the pitiful compact car no where to go and oh!  glare down at the pitiful being who's driving the wee car and forcing you to possibly accommodate by moving over.  How rude of the compact car owner.  No manners or sense of whose right, those little people.

Observations from here.  Do *I* drive in the left lane as a habit. No.  Do I crowd folks and glower when I am behind the wheel of my little Toyota?  Nope.  Just sayin'.  Happy Drivin'

I'm riding double with Katie from now on.  I'm sure she's safe. 


  1. Beware, or you might get my humans started on the whole thing of how people PARK. Dad will park halfway across the parking lot in order to be away from other cars' dining doors, and then somebody pulls up rich against his car. Always. Me, I don't go in cars. But maybe I could go on the motorcycle with Katie.

  2. You'd love our state...voted worst in the nation...I believe it too.

  3. Bad around here also. They act like a bunch of maniacs, always in a hurry and cut in on ya when ya least expect it. hugs sweet friend, xo

  4. I wonder if Joe is from Massachusetts?
    We have our share maniacs, though it's hard to be a maniac driver if you are caught in some of our molasses like traffic. Some suv's remind me of big, lumbering wooly mammoth's Hmmm... there might be a blog here when talking about the snow dies off.
    Good pic!

  5. I usually stay on the right lane. The road I drive every day is not as bad as traffice in the metro area, but still I encounter rude drivers. I'm scared to drive in metro area as there are so many crazy drivers!

  6. Rosemary B here:
    I heard once upon a time Mass and Conn were the worst drivers. Angry.
    Here in Northern Virginia, we have everything. I have lived here over 35 years now and I can say that with complete confidence. I have learned.
    this is a good place to learn to drive. Both of my daughters drive in No Va
    It's a free for all. The main objective is to not get a ticket. The Popo is everywhere and the DC area needs revenue from those tickets -- to pay for roads and education and to feed the starving illegals.... I think.
    I think driving consists of paying attention, and watching out for idiots.
    They are everywhere.
    I drive a lot of short distances. No one drives the speed limit. That is just a suggestion -- kind of like the Ten Commandments

  7. WI drivers are no prize either. I always stay in the right lane unless passing or it's a 3-lane set up on a super highway. Mostly we try to avoid the super highway unltess it's for a longer trip. They drive like maniacs and no one pays any attention to the speed limit either.

  8. I so yeah you although here you do pass on the right but then we drive on the left hand side of the road and our steering wheel is on the right.........just saying but I do get what you are saying

  9. I'm with Mario's Mom. It doesn't matter what you drive the people out there are nuts. I hate the interstate whether driving (which I try to avoid) or riding. It'ls enough to give you aching hands from gripping so hard your knuckles turn white. Oh gf, by the way. I drive and SUV, But I'm one of the good ones, lol. Wish all drivers were.

  10. Well if mum didn't drive on the left, she would be a dedded by now!! MOL

  11. I honestly do not know how "professional" drivers like Bill drive all day and night, month after week, year upon year...and no, they are not all safe drivers either. Thank God, Bill is. I wish everyone drove like Bill. Be safe, my friend.

  12. Hi Sis!
    It was very Hot 32" very hot day, Are you on Ipkone and Ipod.You are an all mac gamily and the iclovd puts. There you are way to do it.
    Your face into the crock of the seat back and you watching through the back og your head! So foiled again shelsh looks your overe shoulder in the air in disgust. You are not drivers on the CARS OK Sis!!
    Sis,Katie, Miyuki. and victoria,

  13. How DO people learn to drive these days? Anyway, from growing up in the big apple, I remember those lessons my momma taught me: don't make eye contact. It's for the best.