Sunday, March 8, 2015

Come ona My House...

Now that's an invitation if I ever saw one.  Katie is showing you her new house  that she got for Christmas! AND her invitations are hard to come by so grab a couple of nip mouses and join her.  Or she will share hers.

Can you believe it?  No snow.  SUN!  And the last of the snow finally melted off my deck.  Today! For one reason, most of the year (when it is not snowing) we get rain.  SO much rain and so many cloudy days.  It didn't used to be that will till the past three years.  Weather patterns have changed whether we credit the reason or not.

Sitting about waiting on my hair to just magically decide it's beautiful and then I will go out.  Have to wait till about 1330.

I m sitting here eating Claussen's dill pickle spears.  I go on these "gotta have 'em" tangents every now and again and the time has come.

I broached a topic on FB yesterday about the horrendous heartbreaking pictures some people post.  They affect me deeply and I can't erase them from my mind; so as I go unsuspectingly through the time line, one of these horrors scroll by and I...others as well it seems...will carry that horror with my till I draw my last breath.  A person's pictures generally are seen by your friends.  Mine are anyway.  So you're not affecting or changing the world when you choose to try to make "people aware".  You're preaching to the choir.  You'd be better off taking ads out in local publications and publishing what you feel than harming others in a manner of speaking who are not culpable.  FB apparently has agreed that animal torture pictures are OK with them.  It doesn't go against their policy so I have read.

Off my soap box.  Sorry.


  1. OH- I have never seen animal torture pictures on FB-nor do I WANT to. That is just so sad.
    I hope you and your lovely hair have a great day- xo Diana

  2. That is a good trick if your hair just magically looks right!

    How awful about Facebook and animal torture. One more reason Mom is glad we have not yet opted in.

  3. Pee Ess: Tell Katie I will be right over to join her house party.

  4. Hi Carole. First I have to say I am so glad to see your comments on my blog. We've known each other now for quite a while.
    I don't have any dealings with FB because just maintaining one blog is about all I can handle. I love animals. I grew up with cats and thought I don't personally have a cat both my sisters have always had cats. My upstairs neighbors had a cat which used t belong to their daughter and though they didn't mistreat it, they didn't show it any attention at all. When I moved in (2007) the cat would greet me when I came home from work and she immediately bonded with me. She was sweet and after a while she would come to my door to be let in. She disappeared just before the beginning of winter. I am still quite sad about it but at least she lived a good long life. 20 years. I have pictures of her. I will dig them up and email you a few.

  5. I don't want to see any photos or read any stories of animal cruelty. They'll haunt me forever..

    Love your header photo. (That's what I want to see!) I love Katie san's pretty house! I'll come visit with some nip mousies :-)

  6. Rosemary here:
    I just woke up, rolled out of bed at 9:15. I hate time change. It is a good thing I am not employed.... it would be bad.
    I do not like seeing the pics on tv. and then the hollywood actors come on and tell us to give them money, I cannot look at those photos, because it is cruel and makes me want to cry a lot. I have cried at the tv commercials.
    Today is Monday. Another day.
    I found your two comments on the boys blog. I miss kitty blogging so much.
    The boys are so good. Pierro is my love cloud. Miles is just a big silly lug. He does not like to cuddle. Pierro will sit with me any time he can find me sitting whether I am sewing, on my computer, or playing very bad piano.
    and always when I am in bed, and only my head is showing.
    Katies house is super cool. really pretty. I love it.
    And YOU

  7. I do agree it is so hard to see those horrid photos.. I close my eyes and move on quickly as soon as I see the subject..As for Katie's house.. a little small for us all but I am sure she will share.. I think it is darling.. ENJOY your sun.. I AM MINE.. it will be in the 50's this week.. (no that's not a typo) I am sooo excited to shed the heavy coats and see this white stuff disappear.. Have a great week!

  8. We are supposed to break record highs this joy!

  9. That is the cutest house! I broke down and bought me a wig from Paulas. Shake an wear and I love it. Too many 'aware' like news on FB.

  10. You can hope on your soap box when ever you like, I also do not like seeing disturbing pictures be it on Facebook or the telly...........I like Katie's new house

  11. Your soap box is our soap box, too, Carole. It upsets us so to see the kinds of pictures of which you speak. I have blocked some FB "friends" because of that.

    Hooray for warmer weather and sunshine! And we are on our way over to join Katie in her new house.


  12. Hi Sis!
    I was very happy with your choife of the boy blog, your heiny was jammed into and with flexing toloils were on the left chirticle.
    Your heard was fastker down waist? that is a wars? I love Katie house have a good sleeping!
    Sis,Katie,and Victoria,

  13. Love the header cats they just love this kind of thing. Quite amusing come inside looks inviting.

  14. I have a very undisciplined sort of naturally curly hair, so I don't let it get very long.

    Aside from privacy issues, their lack of standards where content is concerned is another reason why we avoid FaceBorg.