Sunday, May 17, 2015

Oh my oh my

I have a very bad....something...going on.  Incessant coughing all day and all night.  No fever.  Some sinus drainage but the coughing keeps me and Katie the beautiful Tuxie Cat, up most of the night.  She usually just abandons ship and leaves me after putting up with it as long as she can.  She wrote in her own blog that it was like trying to sleep on a trampoline what with me rocking the bed with all this coughing.  So neither of us sleep much.  I am starting to feel sorry for myself.  My Dr's Clinic has emergency appointments on weekends.  On Sunday they start at 1200.  I will call and ask if they can see me just to assess what it is.  It could be bronchitis, a cold or something worse.

Anyway,  had to complain.  See ya later, gator.
Close up taken by my Nikon. 


  1. First of all thank you for your visit. I hope you will find you have something that will pass quickly. I would find the coughing the most annoying and debilitating symptom. I hope you feel better quickly Carole.
    Nice pic!

  2. Sure hope they can help you out and get that stopped. No fun at all to lose sleep, and coughing just makes us miserable. Blessings, Snoodles

  3. Yikes. We're hoping it's nothing (too) serious, something than can easily be remedied with the right med perhaps. Lots of purrs. Paws crossed for cough-free sleeping!

  4. I sure hope they can give you something.. Coughing just racks you to the core. Poor Katie.

  5. I hope you could see doctor and found out what is going on with you. And I hope you get proper treatment. Long time ago I got cold and could not stop coughing. It was really hard. Get well soon xoxo

  6. Well emergency clinics do not usually have enough Dx tools to make a complete assessment, so I suspect you are off to see your regular doctor.
    I just got this email this morning, I get blog updates late for some reason.
    My hubbs has the chronic cough too. (maybe they are trying to poison us? lol j/k)
    It could be bronchitis, or perhaps since it is nightly, it could be acid.
    If you have not been to the doc yet. get a bottle of zantac 150 and take one at 8 or 9 every night.
    Then again, it could be allergies.
    Usually I have the worst allergies, but I have only been suffering moderately, and a Claratin usually solves the problem. Sometimes I take another Claratin one hour later, or later in the day. Don;t tell the health police.
    I love you Carole

  7. Hoping you find some relief soon and that you are on your way to a complete recovery! (((hugs)))

  8. Medication can do this. So can several other things!
    Please see your doctor...and then email me! ~xoxo~

  9. Glad you got some meds Sis and can get some rest,, Prayers to you always <3

  10. It sucks when one is coughing so much so I hope you feel better soon

  11. Hi Sis!
    I hope you will getting in stopping coughs don't give to Katie Sis!
    You having the bad coughing for most time of winters time.
    I remember bacing of old days...It was you has trampoling of course to be bronchitis, it was very ad sis!
    I had mine was used cortic-Ds 1% cream for most of every time washing my hears only Summer time I will be OK now .
    I like to golfing to be back Tomorow ? Last weeks 6th day was I had winning ones!
    I hope you will be happy days soon Sis!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria

  12. I understand. I cough myself to sleep sometimes, disturbing the cats. But they stay around...

  13. We are so sorry your cough is so bad, Carole! We are purring and praying that you'll be better soon. Have the doctors figured out anything more that might help yet? Hugs!