Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Amazing How Time Won't Stand Still.

Kidding.  It's not amazing at all.  Just there are a few times in one's life when you would like the moment to last.  It doesn't except in our memory.  Debatable as to whether or not that is the better thing...time moving on.  After all, getting stuck in one moment until we pass away does seem a bit overwhelming, doesn't it?

I am still reeling from the passing of Beth Marie.  Though we spoke often and I knew where she was, a hospice, still I did not expect her to ever be in one. I was devastated at her continuing diagnosis and then I never expected her to leave us so quickly.

I'm just checking in.  Instead of the usual things each day that I set to do or accomplish, I have decided to take part of the day to rearrange the drawers in the bedroom and some of my pajamas in the linen closet.   I have too many ancient sets of pi's that never see the light of day and now I am certain they won't.  Off they go.  I don't need them as rags.  Too many already.  I think I may head to the dump and recycle center before the skies open up again.

Why not head on in there with me while I pull out the last drawer and sort the things in there and get rid of "I will never wear this again" stuff?  I need the company.  Boring job.  Come on..get up..let's go.  We'll have some sparkling mandarin orange water for a treat afterward.  Last one in by the dresser is a rotten egg.  *zoom*

Saw this on FB this morning.  LOVE it.


  1. I didn't even know Beth Marie, yet her passing stunned me.

    Just remember, as soon as you have given those clothes you never wear away, you will want them. It never fails for me.

    That pic from FB is so cute. Is it a puppy dog in there or a kitty?

    Simba's Mom

  2. I'm sorry for your friend's passing, Carole, and am sending condolences to all who knew and cared for her. Peace.

  3. We say pyjamas you say pajamas let's call the whole thing off!! MOL ❤️

  4. wouldnt it be nice to have someone to sit on the bed and chat while we sort? oh my that boxspring pet bed is pretty neat!

  5. Carole I miss Beth as well. She was always kind in her comments and her humanity. Though we communicated and spoke on the phone a few times I never met her and yet I felt I knew her like an old friend.
    It's hard for me to accept she's gone.

    I am preparing a bag of clothes myself. Some things I've had since, well lets just say last century.
    Do I have any beer? Oops! Sorry. Just thinking out loud, well writing out loud! Can that be done?

  6. I didn't know your friend Beth but still, I felt like I got to know her a lot through reading your posts. And it's really hard to think she is gone.
    I did a major cleanup of my closet last year. Finally got rid of many "I will never wear this again" stuff. Felt really good :-)
    The little bedroom inside the bed is so cute! I love it, too!

  7. Oh My, so sad to hear that Beth passed away. Will miss her very much.

    Love the photo of the bed within the bed.

  8. Yes the passing of Beth came so quickly. That was 3 people for me in less then 2 months that passed so quickly. I feel lost in at blogger. I just checked some of my blogs after not being here for many months and so many photos are gone. Something to do with G+ and now I can't get the photos back. I feel like my blogs have passed on as well. I thought maybe one day I would return to them but I guess the missing photos just made me realize it is time to close that part of my life as well. I am so glad that I can always find and communicate with the wonderful friends I found here in the blogging world. But there maybe a brand new one someday again. Wish I could get my cat to sleep in a little hole like that in the bed instead of between my legs.

  9. Hi Sis!
    It was suny thuaday started rainday and I played my golfing was very bad Wednesdayit was very difficult to in my golf not enother in the sleeping at night. I had not going out because too cold outside when I used sunglasses in outside all the times but not golfing...you wonder why? I just thinking better looking a long ways in my ball?
    I need to talking with Katie san!
    Have a beautiful time all days Sis!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  10. I'm very sorey I thinking about Beth and I started writting to Sis!

  11. I am so terribly sorry....i hadn't heard that she passed (((hugs))) and much love

  12. Life is a struggle.
    It seems there are so many sad things going on at the same time happy things.
    It is good to stay positive. Cleaning can be cathartic......... I have to try that some time. haha

    Pierro likes to cuddle with me.
    I have a heated igloo right next to my bed where he sleeps. Miles has the room down the hall at night. He gets into mischief, nibbles on hubbs and keeps us awake. I have lost too many friends to various afflictions. It is terrible. I just try to remember that they are safe now, with our Father.
    Have a fun day.

  13. The passing of time compounded with the passing of a friend is always high impact. Sobering thought and sobering times we live in.

  14. When did Beth pass? Why did I not know this, she was a bloody amazing woman, she will be missed

  15. We're very sorry to learn of Beth Marie's passing. Purrs, prayers and comforting thoughts to you, and for all who love and miss her.

  16. When we lose people who meant a lot to us, the natural response is to rearrange your own life. Without getting into details, I have lost both parents and a sister, all at different times. And each time, I have somewhat reorganized things at home.

    I don't know why we do that, but it seems to help.

  17. Sending you hugs and prayers Sis.. I have thrown out bags full of stuff lately.. maybe this is some sort of way we are coping with the loss. I have moved things in my apt twice since she left us. It is very hard to deal with her not being here.