Friday, January 29, 2016

And Then There's the One....

What do you get when you cross a bunny rabbit wth the World Wide Web?

Moving on from that suspenseful question, I will tell you the house smells fantastic.  My oldest boy is here and I celebrated that fact with a New York Strip steak cooked medium rare.  Oh the house does smell fantastically good as I said.  He had mashed potatoes too and some green beans.  I even hauled out cranberry sauce and he had fruit for dessert.  He'll have bacon and eggs in the morning and biscuits perhaps...we will see.  At least buttered toast.  I love to pamper any son who comes home if they will eat.  Concord grape jelly is a favorite so I will have that available too.  And coffee of course.

 I have given thought to making some French toast! I like it with syrup.  No powdered sugar and no additions to make it dessert-like as in a popular restaurant's offerings.  I never eat "there" as the calorie content of everything they have is off the charts.  I was invited last year for someones birthday and man, after looking up the offerings and the calories on the net, I had coffee.

The dishes and pots and pans are awaiting my pleasure there in the kitchen.  Yuk.  I'm one of those nuts who enjoys seeing them all clean on the drain board.  I never have had a dishwasher in my life.  Only on holidays do I wish I had one.

Tomorrow will be a clean the house day.  I try to keep up as the week passes but one day of the week I do the things I have left for Saturday.

Don't forget that bunny rabbit up there now!!   xoxo


  1. Dearest Carole,
    Is that Katie Isabella with another kitty? Funny sight.
    Oh I agree with you that things in restaurants are off the charts. No matter what dessert or whatever it is way too sweet or things are way too salty and they cause my kidneys quite some problems. Makes me sick for days.
    Yes, I too love to cook, like I did on Monday for 12 and it went very well. But I got rewarded with severe back pain; guess I did too much too soon. Laundry (it had been piling up while I had the flu and bronchitis after that...) and cleaning the house, driving to Atlanta to stock up on things and than the cooking.
    Have not accomplished anything after that dinner and I was also grateful for having again a good working new Miele dishwasher. Had called in about the problem on November 4 and since we don't live in a capital city, it took a long time before they came. We had problems with it for quite some months but it still managed to do the job. But for two months we had no use of it. In Europe or in Indonesia we never had a dishwasher either.
    Sending you hugs for a warm and cozy weekend.

  2. "What do you get when you cross a bunny rabbit wth the World Wide Web?" A Wascally Wabbit Wideo!

    I admire your love of cooking. If I am serving a steak, why not put a roasted red bell pepper on top and brandy mushroom sauce? And fried potatoes. And who doesn't love a from-scratch chocolate chip with a spoonful of french vanilla ice cream on top after?

    But I can't live without my dishwasher...

    1. MARK!! That was better than the answer...which I will say tomorrow just in case anyone else wants to answer as well.
      Never thought of a roasted red pepper. One of the family loves them!! And I love fried potatoes. With onion. Southern staple.

  3. Is that me there snuggling Miss Katie? I still have some of her furs to remind me!! ;)

    I asked the human uncle the rabbit question and he said he doesn't do Lagomorph jokes!!!!! We took a vote and one peep said a furry arachnid with big feet and the other said what's for lunch? I despair! I know what the answer is and I will whisper it to Katie next time I'm over ;) xx

    1. Tell Uncle he will groan when he hears the answer.

  4. Smell of cooking in the house yes sooo lovely ! The meal sounds great and I know what you mean about pud. Love your precious fur babies. Interesting Joke mmm not a clue.

  5. You get a BUNNY on the PLAYBOY channel?! lol
    Your steak sounds delicious and now I am hungry. lol I love to fix things my kids like to eat when they come here, too. A big fav for one son is banana bread and I try a different kind every time trying to find 'the best' recipe. Last time I made it I said- I think this is the best one yet.....(and I did). He said--NO-this one is GOOD but it is NOT your best one yet. lol Can't win.
    Have a great weekend. xo Diana

  6. under the counter the washer of dishes snores .....

  7. Well, you really made me hungry here! Ha! Dinnertime! XO

  8. I am not much of a house cleaner, that is more my daughter, just.

  9. Oh I'm horrible at getting the punch line of jokes. I can't think of anything.

    I'm glad your head injury wasn't more serious. Hope the rain melts the snow and ice and the sun shows up again.

  10. Bunny kick? No...that can't be the answer!
    When I got dishwasher for the first time, I used regular dish soap and that caused bubbles flooding from it. Since then, I never used it for several years, until I found out that I was supposed to use dishwasher detergent... Don't know why I was so empty-headed! Oh well, now I can't live without it :-)

  11. I am glad you are enjoying your son's visit. I don't have a dishwasher either, I enjoy dishes too. I would never turn down a restaurant breakfast though.