Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Drum Roll Please.....

What do you call the boy who has been caught by cannibals?  Ready?  Are you braced?  STU!

Simba, you naughty one, you!!!  Simba cheated and found the answer but told me in an email like a good kitty.  Paul...that was a great answer but too direct.  Hehehe.

It's raining of course.  We had our 3 days of sun.  Here's the usual punishment of 9 days of rain coming right up.  That has been going on for four years.  No idea what changed the cycle so that there is so MUCH rain.  I am not referring to temperature.  Just rain.


Here is an example of a friend's recipe for scalloped potatoes  that was prepared by that friend at my home and placed in my oven.  Three and a half ! hours later it was still full of milk and burning on the top.  The sliced potatoes that were inside and the onion bits were still uncooked after all those hours as she had poured an entire quart of milk into the casserole.  I wondered at that but she said she knew what she was doing.   And for a final how- do- you- do... the stuff boiled over onto my oven floor and created a horrible burned on mess.   To my sorrow when trying to salvage the oven surface, the burner element will not stay in the "up" position so as to make trying to the clean up a bit easier.  It's a one year old Whirlpool and they SURE don't make 'em like they used to.  Less features, more cost. Trying to reach past the oven door so as to clean the oven floor AND with the element being held up with  my one hand while I swiped at the horrible burned mess with the other is not my idea of fun.

S'nuff carping.  (should thought of that before I started carping).



  1. Yep! Stu. I love a silly joke - especially word play. In other news, I'm with you on the quality of appliances. My GE electric range is failing piece by piece. The refrigerator died a watery death last fall.

    So sorry about the potatoes. I'm just grateful you didn't burn yourself.

  2. LOL - Stu indeed! I love my Jenn-Aire range top-but so many appliances today are not made the way they used to be made.

  3. Ruined scalloped potatoes? Say it ain't so!

  4. STU! Why, of course! So sorry those potatoes were not successful. They are on my "to do" list! -xo

  5. Stu! Why didn't I come up with that? Hahaha.
    I'm sorry the cooking made mess instead of yummy dish. Maybe next time... :-)

  6. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I have ruined lots of stuff and my cookstove is slowly conking. Hugs, xo

  7. Funny joke. Sorry about your potatoes :(

  8. 'Scuse me for laughing, but your description of your friend cooking touched my funny bone. Don't say dirty oven too loud, mine will hear you and it will try to get me to clean it. LOL

  9. Dearest Carole,
    Oh my those are not the kind of Bingo days we're aiming for!
    Too bad the recipe didn't yield a yummy dish without having to use elbow grease to bring your one-year old oven back to normal; sort of...
    I'm just happy that I did pull off the dinner here at home yesterday for 12. Got lots of compliments on my Red Cabbage with bits of Pork Loin from the oven (first on the stove) and red skin potato pieces cooked and fried in olive oil. Everyone loved that on a January evening. I had a healthy salad from Costco and a home made Tiramisu for dessert.
    Today we had an easy meal from the left overs and I'm in excruciating pain in my upper center back. Have probably done too much the last week; trying to catch up on so much.
    Sending you hugs,

  10. What do you call a boy floating in water? Bob!

    What do you call a boy laying on your front doorstep? Mat!

    I know worse ones... ;)


  11. Oops, I meant to add a suggestion of trying the dsh in a slow cooker. Or putting the casserole in the oven on a roasting pan so any overflow doesn't mess the oven.

    Personally, I make a flour/milk with that sort of dish. It stays together better.

  12. I think she probably did not make the RUE that has flour in it as others have said. It makes the whole thing thicker...but NO NO NO it sure does not take hours to make it.THAT temperature was way too low. Potatoes have to be sliced really thin too to cook better through. Oh so sorry for the mess, if that was me I would have done the clean up for you.How very sad. XoXo

  13. Ugh is right ! Thanks for dropping by our blog! We will pop back again :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  14. Uh-oh...oh, my...well, life is filled with little...surprises. HUGS!

  15. I just saw this answer, and am so pleased I actually guessed it! :) Hee hee!

    Reminds me of these:

    What do you call a boy and a girl sitting on a BBQ grill? Frank and Patty

    What do you call two boys sitting above a window? Curt and Rod

    Silly. :)

  16. Hi Sis!
    You had natagfiy answer from direct kitty..also too much raining that is not helping for you..Is that right?..
    You must have of yummy dish I hope you have too small against what you made the movement too smaell for you?
    I was more my golfing walking had to do this years.
    Hugs to you Love always.
    Sis.katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  17. That meal looks strange and what a mess oh my!
    Cleaning the oven is not a hobby of mine. So I can see what you mean yuk!