Monday, January 25, 2016

There be Sunshine

So glad to see the sun these past two days.  I have been to as many places as I can go...simply because I can.

As for my noggin and fetching it a good rap, I am fine.  It didn't break the skin probably because my head did have the fabric of my nylon hood between the deck's beam and it.  It hurt a couple of days and then the pain  disappeared.  For the slipping and falling, no biggie.  I popped up like a carnival duckie going around and around for the air rifle shooters.  Up for another round but thought to go under the deck as you know.  If that ever comes up again I will re-think going under the deck.  :-)

Being able to go work out has begun to show results.  I enjoy going and regaining my musculature is  a joy.

Had to call Apple Care for my new Mac guy.  Something simple that was "cured" simply by emptying the cache.  Shoulda thought of that myself.  I will tell you that I have never been disappointed the first time with any call to Apple Care.  They are superb at solving the problem and not embarrassing you in the process.  Someone I know called it "holding your hand". Hey.  I will take it.  Why should I pretend I know what I am doing in all circumstances when I absolutely don't.  I never had false pride and what's more I will even say I am wrong when I am.  Whatta woman!  It's a wonder I haven't been snapped up by now.

Someone told me that one of my 5 email addresses came to her screen with a link which she did not click on.  Good idea to never ever click on links.  She was concerned that my account had been hacked but I think it is simply harvesting email addresses and using them for spam.  Mac's aren't famous for malware etc. but I have MalwareBytes for my Mac in the unlikely event I purposefully download malware.   I did a scan and nothing was there of course.

Gonna clean the bathroom and to take a walk.  Wish you were there too. We could walk and talk.  And so a lot of laughing because I have quite a sense of humor.  Seeking of which, I am a corny joke collector and I LOVE them.  The more childish and silly the better.  Ready? What do you call a boy who has been caught by cannibals? Answer either in an update today or tomorrow.


  1. Hehe! I would call the boy unlucky! :) it's great you've missed the snow and even have sun!!!! We're in for the back end of Jonas starting tomorrow!

    I think I should check out malwarebytes! I don't have anything on my ancient lappy except probably every Trojan and virus known to hackers everywhere! What fun :) xx

    1. Didn't want to risk an answer to my corny joke?

  2. Austin DID suggest an answer to your joke. I think it is a good one, but I guess it isn't correct.

    Hooray for sun! We got TWO FEETS of snow!

  3. Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?

  4. OH MY CODFISH! are as bad as me!

  5. It's great you are regaining your strength!
    I like corny jokes, but I have no idea what could be the answer for your question!

  6. So glad to read that you are feeling stronger! I was really sorry to hear about you bonking your head. Ouch! Sunshine today, plus temps in high forties, and our snow/ice are quickly disappearing! xo

  7. Hi Carole Happy Tuesday.
    Have a nice walk. I used to be the walking celebrity in our neighborhood, and now I treadmill. haha
    I wonder if people think I died :-(
    I am so happy that you feel strong. Isn't it fun, getting older? :-D
    Have a fun day gramma

  8. SO glad you are up to getting about and getting things done, and your strength is gaining every day. I am soooo enjoying the LACK of snow here this winter. Leaving the gloves,boots etc home is a real pleasure, and able to get out and walk.. a joy. As for your riddle... Maybe STEW!

  9. I am glad you are OK after your fall. Not a clue on the riddle.

  10. Hi Sis!
    you are fine but todays some thing lopped up like shoters up for another round but though deck as you know and the re-think going under the deck.Also you are enjoy going and regaining your musculatute a best for you!
    Your new Mac guys for something the cured simple by the the cake but never been first time with the Apple care..that too bad one Sis!
    You had so many just bad thing your Mac in the unlikly eventpurposlfully downkiad malwave bt nothing was there of course.
    Today I has very good golfing that is I was winning todays!
    I hope you having a GOOD DAYS!
    Sis.KATIE.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  11. So glad you're okay after conking your head. Is the answer to the joke, "Stew" or "Frank?"

  12. Don't know the answer. I do like corny jokes, will try to get back. I'm glad you're ok