Sunday, February 14, 2016

Handsome Mysterious Stranger

Now lest this sound like intrigue...let me tell you that it happened across the table of bananas in the grocery store produce section this afternoon.

I was quite presentable in look as I always strive to be, but that is neither here nor there.  What happened was:  I was inspecting all of the varying stages of ripeness of the bananas being laid out on the large table even as I stood there.

I wanted some that were mostly green with some yellow coming in, and some that were ready to eat.  So as I stood and pondered, I felt the impetus to raise my gaze.  I did so and across the table was an extremely handsome and I have to say it, sexy looking man.  He was looking directly into my eyes and held my gaze.  He has a slight smile on his face as well.  I dropped my gaze.  I picked up several bunches of bananas to look at and as my head rose a bit, the stranger in the grocery and I locked eyes again!  How romantic a story this is!  Heeee.  Anyway, I looked directly back hoping he would look away but no, this time it was I who looked away.  I hardly ever do that.  I always accept the ol' visual staring challenges but this time, I glanced away.  I must be getting weak!

I noticed he was standing by his wife (had to have been) who was also looking at the 'nanners.  He was still smiling slightly at me.

If his wife were not there I would have gone straight over and asked if we had worked together in the recent past although when a man is that striking, you ain't gonna forget him.  I did not ask as it may have embarrassed him in front of his wife.

Let me hasten to say that Mr. Dark Brown Hair, probably 6'2 handsome person  built very well with a wonderfully trimmed and stylish dark beard was a good 30 years younger than me, so it was not a flirtation on his part, guaranteed.

I have wracked my brain trying to think who that could be as that HAD to have been recognition on his side of the nanner table.  Alas...I will never know.  Darn.

Strangers in the store...exchanging glances.
Something in your eyes was so inviting....


  1. That could be the start of a novel.
    Any chance he knows one of your sons?

  2. Deareste Carole,
    Very intriguing and one wonders indeed if there was a connection at some point.
    Indeed, maybe through your children?
    But I loved the way you went shopping for bananas. I like mine not too ripe, whether Pieter loves them ripe since they become more sweet.
    Sending you hugs,

  3. Ohhhh I love the story! Mysterious handsome man with a slight smile...looking at you. Very intriguing indeed! Well, you might meet him again!

  4. Doo bee doobeedoo
    Bee doobee doobee
    Doobee doobeedoo

    And as I am a professional banana shopper, ....
    Love was just a glance away, a warm embracing dance away doobee doobee doo beedoo bee doobee
    Oh my.

  5. Yes, maybe he knows one of your sons, good thought. Definitely intriguing!

  6. How do you know he wasn't flirting? You're easy on the eyes (as they say). If he was trying to figure out if he knew you from someplace he'd have had a quizzical look instead of a bold stare and slight smile on the other side of that banana table. Amour!

  7. I think he wanted you to check HIS "nanner" to see if it was walked right into it and I couldn't resist. Doesn't matter how many years younger than you he was, men are MEN........they think with their "nanner" xoxo

  8. Perhaps he does know one of your sons? That would make sense!! But what an encounter! It would have made my day for sure ...... it would have made my year lol

    This BTW is not Austin talking!!! Just to be clear ;)

  9. Wow, these things never happen to me, not sure how I would feel if I did encounter such a man while looking at fruit

  10. OOOOh LAH still got it my lady..he probably did know you but his "woman" kept him from saying anything etc. Good for you...

  11. Hi Sis!
    I will you tell you the smells fantastic ..

  12. Hi Sis!
    I will more thing for I never forget of bunny rabbit.
    Sis.Katie,Miyuki and Victoria,

  13. Hi Sis!
    I'm extremely angry about the my photo are not working that I cannot choose waiting for my new's one..after 6th days.
    I'd write a list of what I had to do, I was more my hairstyle I wanted in magazine I would like in that Sis..You still have feelings for just nice one!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki,and Victoria.

  14. You never know. Maybe you'll see him again at the nanner table (or elsewhere in the produce section) sometime in the future?