Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Things to Note

Hi Guys and Ladies...Ladies and Guys.

It seems that my policy of not allowing comments to appear unapproved after 48 hours is causing a problem to some folks here and there.  I do that  as most of you know because it keeps the SPAM out of my old blogs in archives here in Ramblingon as well as  keeps SPAM out of those blogs dated two days ago and then,  going backward.

I have occasionally sensed hurt feelings from a  friend or two  when they do make comments occasionally who are not sure why their comments aren't here.  They are here--- after I make my way over here, and log on to this blog.  That's when I read and approve the comments that were left after 48 hours.

To those who are sometimes puzzled why  I am not here as often to approve comments,  my deepest apologies.  My plate is usually full daily with much to do and accomplish...but Katie will NOT wait, so she rules the roost on blog typing. What she says goes and if she says I have to help her, I do.  I can wait  for mine and will.  Ain't like anyone is tearing this blog down to read it, so I take my time on this one anymore.

Meanwhile, it's HOT HOT HOT.  I haven't been taking walks much now even early, as the air is super saturated and too warm as well.  I do work out however and try to get a few extra steps in that way.

Katie got an ear infection Sunday and went to the Vet Monday morning.  He instilled an ointment into her ear that is supposed to last a week.  It's apparently new for cat use.  Anyone curious can email me for what it is.

Come on in...Baby take your coat off.....this is one of my favorite views, strong hot sunshine  out of my front door.  So, come on in.


  1. Hi Sis!
    some time Mum would have too much from problem as old the blogs do that in evening that after never stopping and Katie has wish her self I do my mind tearing these blog with easy one!anymore I having not doing anythings to much of hot after super too warm.
    You two friends was coming in Brarry due to make comments oceasionally looking for you soon, I hope soon Katie's ear having good manners is importants an Ointment for cat I don't mind that new one was very intaresting for me Katie's I do love you too.
    Sis,katie,Miyuki and Victoria

  2. Dearest Carole,
    Oh, for that spam reason I use comment moderation all the time!
    Yes, sunshine is great.
    Our kitties are completely off balance as the painters came to pressure wash the inside of our garage on Tuesday and today they started painting. They also pressure washed the front of the house, with front porch and the side of the drive way. We had to take everything outside. Luckily we got all on wheels; two Costco shelves in chrome on wheels and one big box that Pieter added wheels, with three kitty beds on top. Those are used mainly in winter time.
    Hugs and stay cool. We still go biking at night but it is hot and brutal with this humidity. Had upper back problems on the right, Pieter rubbed me with Australian Dream and the pain is gone for now. Can't take any pain meds due to my kidney disease...

    1. I had a dear dear blogging friend, Beth Marie who could not take much in the way of pain meds as she had Stage 4 kidney disease. It was horrible as later, she became tragically ill.

  3. The Staff is not tearing any blog down at the moment to read it, let alone see to my blog! I feel very let down!! ;-) However, she never sits around to see if the comment is posted so wouldn't know if moderation is on or not! Such a dweeve!! I think comment moderation for my blog is seven days.

    We LOVE the Oak Ridge Boys!! ❤️❤️

  4. We gotta work in order to keep spams away!
    It's been hot hot hot here, too. I walked outside the other day and felt like I couldn't breathe because air was so hot!
    I'm not familiar with ear oitment that lasts a week, but I sure hope it works for Katie san xoxo

  5. I've been fortunate as I haven't had much spam on my blog (or the cats), maybe they haven't found me yet. Must admit, I don't worry about a comment not showing up immediately. In fact I don't even check to see if it is every accepted.

  6. You do what you need to do...I love you as you are...just wish we had more contact. XO

  7. Poor Katie, I hope she feels better soon. And I am glad you put her first- that is how it should be :)

  8. Delayed comments are sometimes annoying, because we aren't sure if the comment got through.

    But I understand now. Because someone named "Cat Lover" started posted advertisements inside her/his comments and it was obvious that the comments were only for advertising. I THINK 2 sternly-worded replies to his/her site stopped that, but only time will tell. I might have to moderate comments myself if the ads continue.

    If you want to keep the comments modulated, that's fine.

    1. Great! I am so glad I finally mentioned it. I have to one person who is a dear friend so that they would understand that it is not me being unfriendly. There is a reason for moderation as you yourself pointed out.

  9. Hi Carole, 2 weeks ago my sister died of kidney cancer, it was very quick 3 months from diagnosis to death. The cancer was very aggressive. This very much reminded me of Marie Beth's plight. Hope everything is well with you.

  10. I have never gone back to see if one of my comments has been replied to- I dont have time to reply to comments on my own blog :P

  11. We understand completely about comment moderation, Carole. Spam comments are the worst, so good on you for doing what you need to do to keep them away.

    Hugs to you and Miss Katie. We hope her earsicle is doing better!

  12. I've been humming that Oak Ridge Boys tune for days now. Thank you very much for the earworm :-)

  13. Good for you, go right ahead and moderate the comments. I know just what you mean about not having time to blog much anymore, it's the same for me. I have no problem with comment moderation.

    I hope Miss Katie is better now. Wishing y'all a nice week.