Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ACK! ONE handed and now TWO handed!

Just this last (I promise) word.  Today I was in front of someone driving with both hands at the 12 o'clock position on the steering wheel.  The knuckles were sharp looking and they pierced the air with eight impressively tall bony knuckle peaks.  I would hate to get a knuckle sandwich from him!   It must be when you do that two hands at 12 o'clock high position long enough... perhaps then you don't over correct.  Me..I put both hands up on top of the wheel the other day to experiment...nope...ain't gonna work for me.  If I would have tried to make turn with both hands up there, I'd be doing circles!

I notice too that there are increasing numbers of folk who like to rush up behind you and stick to you trying to make you go faster.  If I pledge to you now that this is in the so called "slow" lane even...know I am telling the truth when I say I am doing 5 miles OVER the speed limit over there.  I guess what it is turns out to be is my ignorance of the fact that they own the road and that no one but them knows how to drive. Sheesh.  By now I should have learned.  More lessons will be forthcoming I am positive.

I have smiled thru time hearing people in my social circles saying "I wish people would learn to drive".  Usually that has meant that the incompetent  oaf in the other vehicle should get out of the speakers way.  I really love the comments that never change and never fail when it snows or there is an ice storm.  "If they would stay off the roads" " if they would get out of my way" "Why don't they go faster up (down) that hill?  They'd make it if they would go faster the incompetent boobs."

Snow and ice and east TN hills and mountains have no meaning or consequence to these intrepid super heroes.  I wish I were like them.  Maybe one day when I grow up.


  1. Someone driving too close behind me ticks me off too! If I had an old clunker I'd be tempted to slam on my brakes! I keep my hands in the 9 and 3 position mainly so I can work the controls on my steering wheel for the radio and phone. I probably shouldn't admit that huh? :)

  2. Ah yes, those drivers who stick really close to your back even when you are driving on the right lane...clearly they own the road...!

  3. Dearest Carole,
    Oh so very true! That 12 o'clock position remains a puzzle to me; how in the world can they control their vehicle like that?!
    Love Katie-Isabella on her pink motor cycle. Precious job.

  4. I know what you mean. I keep my hands on 1"0 and 2". And I keep my attention on the cars around me.

    Tailgaters are difficult to handle. I tap my brakes at them, and when that desn't work, I slow down gradually until they pass by. And I am going the speed limit.

    They think they are gaining much by being in your slip-stream. It isn't . I tryb to move out of their way. I'm retired, I don't have to be anywhere 30 seconds sooner or save .1 gallon of gas per mile.

  5. We agree! There are many very aggressive drivers here, too, rushing this way and that. We just let it go now, with the line, "they must be a brain surgeon, late for surgery." Probably not, we know, but it begs the question ... what's the rush? ;)

  6. Oh Sis!
    I was read about so many way .it was wrong time of your years had up down the hill..that is alright when you buy so much things you had both hands up to down to bad circles your arms and foot's never come back to same ways.
    Under a hugs moon from the garden table no body sits at,the cat saw at the window and transmitted a though wave what I never return.. I would prefer you to not make such a song and dance, each time I made tea each tine I snacked on bread and honey, it watched unable to fully conceal its edginess. At some point in the morning. I wish we both can do Sis! Have a good night sleeping Sis!
    We still had bad weather most of raining day!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria

  7. Oh yes, the ones that run up behind you going really fast are among the worse. They are right up there with the ones that run up behind you really fast, then zip around you, get in front of you, AND turn right at the next block. Ugggghhhh...

  8. Great post two hands at 12 oclock good grief strange people about.
    Your posts cheer me .
    Today no snow or ice but gloomy and raining.
    Have a lovely week.