Sunday, May 28, 2017

How Wierd!

What is up with such and such company? I can't say who they are,  they'd probably sue me.   I sent a couple of lines to their contact us area on their website asking if they would consider a twist cap instead of a cap requiring you to use thumb and finger on certain spots on the cap, squeezing moderately hard and the hopes of getting the cap off.

I wrote that I understood the instructions and used them repeatedly, but that I could not get the cap off and that it had happened I couldn't  through the last several years a number of times.  I said I liked the product but oftentimes could not get the cap off.

They replied by, what else, giving me the exact instructions I had just written that I had followed.  So I got a form reply.  I asked again.  They started getting odd about it all and asked me to mail it to them.  No way am I mailing a product to them at my expense and trouble AND what's more,  they didn't answer my simple question i.e. would you consider a twist cap.  I threw the item away and gave up getting an answer to my question.  THEN...believe it or not..out of the blue, they asked for my MEDICAL RECORDS!  I wouldn't do that under any circumstances, but can you imagine the amazing nerve of them asking for them simply because I asked if they would consider going to a twist cap????  Or for that matter the nerve of asking for ANY reason? I wrote them with the one word..."STOP".

I am getting a new fridge June 2 I hope.  The defrost stopped working.  It's pretty decrepit anyway as they sure don't build them as well as they used to.  This one was bought in 2002.  Fifteen years isn't very much. I took everything off of it and from the top and I like seeing the uncluttered  look so much I think I will not have anything on the new one.  I am a person who has no stacks of anything anywhere in my house on any surface except the computer desk...some on it.  I don't care for that look of piles of paper stuff. No papers, bills, mail, magazines, stuff lined up on tables, decorations, you name it..I ain't got it.  The living room tables are free of anything.  Having kids growing up took away any propensity I may have once had (I  didn't have it...just never acquired the clutter habit). (BUT DON'T LOOK IN ANY CLOSET!  Oh my cod!)

Well, time to keep cleaning and then, my workout.  See ya later!


  1. Wow that is weird - a company requesting your medical records when you ask for a small change to their product. I would not be responding either.

    We will not discuss clutter....I wish my house were clutter free but suspect that will never happen.

    Have a good workout!

  2. Your medical records? What a strange and inappropriate thing for that company to ask for. I don't want to jinx it, but our fridge is really old, and just keeps on going. It won't last forever, but we will keep on using it until it goes.

  3. Why on earth did they ask a medical record? So weird! And rude!
    Once I sent some questions to a company, adding that their FAQ section didn't help. They answered with copy&paste from the FAQ section. How does that help? Big sigh.

  4. Yeah why the hell they would want your medical records is beyond any normal sane person, some companies are just weird and really have terrible customer relations

  5. That is absolutely the weirdest request I've ever heard from a company selling consumer products. Your medical records? Humph!

    P.S. Enjoy the new fridge. My old one finally gave up after 15 years too; admittedly not a very long life as before.

  6. Hi sis!
    I haven't been walking as usual until I hear whet he has to say, I have to face that scale again.I hate when that happens.
    How does that help?
    I think I heard a cat raspberry on her way down the hell.
    We had rains most of all the time.

  7. Dearest Carole,
    Yes that is the weirdest thing to ask and a plain INSULT!
    Well, I've seen homes with so much things around, worse than in any store I even would want to enter in... That scares me and living with pets, does not make any sense.
    Sending you hugs,

  8. Hi sis!
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