Thursday, June 15, 2017


You know, sometimes these days, I get the feeling I am still asleep.  Definitely not awake as I don't recognize  anything.  Perhaps I will wake up and smell the coffee one day.

I've started walking again.  Dr. said if my Achilles tendon does not bother me overly much,  just go for it.  I have bursitis in that tendon now.  Have had for some time, but I made it worse with the too tight grip of a heel strap on a new pair of sandals.  I did that to myself.  AND learned a valuable lesson as so many are learned...too late.  😱

I have been trying to force myself to get into the bathroom linen closet and clean off that third shelf.  I have a gigantic rag pile festering there consisting of clean but horrible looking and in bad shape pajamas and night gowns, and with some house cleaning type old dead towels thrown in. I haul those out for cleaning the bathtub as they are so soft.  They sure don't make towels like they used to.  These are wedding gifts to me. Pretty darned old. They look horrible and they are ratty, have some  holes here and there but they are still usable as cleaning things.  They have lasted forEVER!  One could also use them (one of my sons does this) for a towel to dry his head after shower and shampoo.  I doubt any I have in there the past ten years would survive as well.

I got a kick out of this!  Ah...the "cone of shame".....

pee ess:  That picture in the header is a Coneflower and a bee of course with lots of pollen on his britches.  I got that at a place near home here.


  1. I have that same feeling. As if I left my brains on my pillow. I am just walking around empty.
    On days like that, I just try to go it alone, brainless, and make sure I do not cause any damage, physically or mentally.
    It is too hot here to walk. I hate heat. We got a treadmill and I try very hard to put in one and a half miles as quickly as possible, mostly 4.2 mph.
    Then I am done, I get off and do my generally aimless existence. I am trying very hard to be happy. Sarah is coming over today, so hopefully I can do some wild play. Lizzie is due in August and I am so excited for her and Jerome. I pray for them every day.
    I pray for you every day too Carole. yesterday I gathered some lavender in my garden and there were two bumble bees that were not at all delighted with my presence. Keep thinking, even when you are asleep during the day. I believe as we get older, thinking becomes exercise. whateverokay
    I love you

  2. I recently discovered that men's worn-out cotton undershirts are the most abrorbent cloths you can find. I cut out the fronts and backs of my old ones and use them as dishtowels!

    1. Also for buffing the wooden floors you may happen to have. Step on them and skate your way to shine!

  3. Incredible photo!

    I have some old towels of my mom's that I absolutely love. They are very nearly paper thin but are the softest (and for some unknown reason also more absorbent) than the newer ones in the closet.

    Have a great weekend, and enjoy your walking.

  4. Oh no bursitis is horrible that is what I had wrong with my right hip when I was in such horrible pain, the trouble with my achilles tendon has settled down also and I am able to walk with little to no pain..

  5. I love that sign at the vet's office- my Sammy can relate. I agree they don't make towels like they used to.

  6. Ah! The modern non absorbent towel dilemma!! We have stuff so old in the linen cupboard, it's possible Mrs Noah was using for rubbing down the odd giraffe! Love the header!!

  7. I have ratty towels to be used for cleaning, too. So sorry to hear about achilles tendon. I hope you get better soon!
    Love the sign at the vet :-)

  8. Hi sis!
    I don't understand what is wrong in Wednesday?

  9. Catching up as I haven't visited in some time, and this sign just made me laugh right out loud! Thanks for the laugh. :-)