Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Busy Spider

I was out mighty early in the morning these past several days except yesterday, when it rained hard enough to break concrete just about, and there was accompanying thunder and lightening aplenty.  Copious amounts!  ALL day.  But Monday morning when I was walking I found this well built home suspended on a pedestrian bridge over a creek.  The builder was off on business, so I didn't capture his portrait.   I have posted that accomplishment as my header picture for right now.  The dew was still on the mean the webs.

Today I was out in the same park and glanced up at the sky and saw my favorite clouds.  THIS time they did not herald the ever lasting rain.  They heralded the end of the constant least for a while.  It's the "Mackerel sky, soon wet or dry" come to life.  That old saying is true every time.  If it is dry and they show will rain sure as shootin'.  If it has been raining hard for a time..they show up...dry blue skies, coming right up.  We only get about 100 days of sun here out of the year.  They rest is rain or sunless overcast.

I will head out there again in the morning early.  It's getting quite cool in the mornings now,  at mid 50's to mid 60's.  I like to take advantage of that.  There are plenty of dogs and their parents out there too.  But they are leashed thank goodness.  Some of the owners do the right thing and carry bags.  Not all, but some.  It's a shame to not be able to walk in the grass in such a huge park though. To do so is asking for trouble.

Katie's brother will come home tomorrow.  Her human brother that is.  She will be so happy!  He was here the very first day  that she came home with me.  Just worked out that way.  And they bonded as much as she and I have.

Do you know any old sayings that you have found to be true too?


  1. Am desperately trying to remember old sayings, but cannot think of any! Performance! Guess one can only hope that if someone doesn't clean up after their dog, then they will step in some poop!

  2. I respect spiders. I know they do wonderful things. But, truth be told, I have arachnophobia. So, I am fine with an empty web. Cool header, though. I know when the cats have a spider in their sights. They all react the same creepy way, like, "Whoa..." So, I run and fetch it. I do not want them getting bitten. Grizelda will eat a spider quicker than anything! Chloe Jo & George just play with it. Maggie wants nothing to do with bugs. That's my girl. XO

  3. Wow the header photo is beautiful! I don't like spider web with spiders or their food, but I do like it with rain drop :-) The photo of mackerel sky is beautiful, too!
    How nice Katie san's brother is visiting. She's gonna have lot of fun :-)

  4. That is a great shot of the spider web. I hope Katie has fun with her favorite brother. :) XO

  5. Hi Sis!
    It was not good of spider but more rained and break concrete there was accompanying thunder and lightning aplenty pedestrian bridge over a creek,The builder was off on business but you didn't capture his portrait.
    The owners do right thing of carry bags,
    Hugs park thought asking for nice time Katie's has lovely my home!

  6. It's a little glum but is always true: expect the worst and you won't be disappointed. I'm sure I first heard this in a Mel Brooks movie. Also, the ubiquitous "a stitch in time saves nine." xoxo

  7. Dearest Carole,
    What an incredible photo you managed to shoot.
    The other day when I got done biking, I was already next to the car with bike rack. Pieter came a bit behind me, his pace, and suddenly a young doe crossed from the Church's garden (where we parked) in front of his bike... What a sight. I could have captured it if I had my iPhone out!
    But nature is what makes us happy on our rides. The beauty and calmness and natures noises.
    Sure Katie did enjoy her human brother visit again!
    Sending you hugs, way behind as we had about 2 days no Internet/TV thanks to Irma and power off for 'only' 8 hours. Some are still out in our county! Worse of course in Florida. They need our prayers.

  8. That is a beautiful cloud photo (#1), Carole. I love those too, got bunches of them in my photos collections. I had never heard that "old saying" before...very interesting.

    I hope you have a great week!