Sunday, March 4, 2018

Wow...Where Have I Been?

It was one of those things where I could not think what to say.  That is as rare as hen's teeth.  I usually never have such a time thinking of a topic.

However, not to be out-done by other observations, I will mention this one again.  Men of all ages...just starting to shave up to very old seem determined to have a beard.  An untrimmed bushy one.  I had wondered on facebook how that trend started and why.  No one seemed to know.  There were a few ideas but they were all different and no two were the same. Now I have something to add to that.  I have noticed now that so many females...young and middle-aged ones usually (not older than dirt like me) seem to have started a trend of hair bunched up on the tops of their heads.  Either a sleek door-knob looking ball perched up there on top,  or a massive "bun" looking thing.  Sometimes they are really tall... like the Spanish Mantilla headdresses you see in novels about Spanish aristocracy.

This is a mantilla on her head

Yup.  I have seen a few THAT tall on their heads.  Massive amounts of hair I guess or a hair piece.

Don't know how either trend (hair and beard) started but seeing a cleanly shaven man is a treat these days.  A pony tail or bob on the ladies would be nice too.  😊

Headed up the street walking with the DSLR, not the iPhone, to get pictures of the tulip poplars and crabapple blossoms.

Meanwhile, hope all is well with you! Me, I have been taking advantage of the sun these past two whole entire days and had my walks for an hour each.  Lucky to see the sun.  Sometimes I wonder if TN is under the ocean.  I have never ever been in a place where the rain just kept on and on and on and.........


  1. Since I work at a university, I see a lot of messy top knots on young women. Actually, I marvel at how so many can twist their hair up while on the bus, no mirror.

    I also HAVE noticed quite a few fully-bearded men, some beards quite thick, some unkempt, others neat. I didn't really think of it as a trend, but that would make sense. There's probably an actor or someone else on social media starting it...Oh, what about Prince Harry? Isn't he sporting facial hair these days? Not like a mountain man, mind you. LOL.

    I still occasionally see the man bun, which is entirely their business of course, but still always makes me itch to grab a pair of scissors and snip it off. LOL.

  2. I think clean shaved look is so much better than beard but men seem to think otherwise.
    We had two sunny days here as well. It’s been so pleasant :-)

  3. I'd grow a beard if I could grow a good one but unfortunately my beard is not real thick, only thick enough to look grubby after a week of trying. Well trying might be a wrong choice of words. It's not like you have to strain yourself to grow a beard. Ok, now I'm babbling.

  4. A few months ago, daddy and I were walking around Bed Bath and Beyond, and there was a girl and her mother with two shopping carts shopping together for her college supplies. The mother seemed normal enough, when I struck up a convo with her about some item she had in her cart, sheets or something, and then she told me she was shopping for college with her daughter. The daughter showed up.... she was tall, and.... I could guess she was some sort of "popular crowd" type of girl, but she had done something to her eyebrows that I could barely make eye contact with her and had to try my very very hardest not to burst into very loud laughing. My dad did not seem to notice, I do not think, but I quickly ended the conversation by says, "happy shopping" and scurried away.

    The young girl has painted on her eyebrows and they were huge, rectangular and black. I think this image shows it exactly. I was dead shocked. I had never seen anything like it in my life. I was stunned hysterical. Daddy and I went to the cooking supplies section and I was laughing so hard I could not explain to my near deaf daddy what I was laughing about but he was laughing at me


  5. Dearest Carole,
    Well, I must say that personally I've never ever looked at some 'role model' but knew how to dress and how to behave normal! That's how we got raised too and no money for all those stupid so-called 'trends' that get advertised down to the millions all for $$$.
    About those beards, I always think about a late writer friend who put it best: 'A beard is unclean!'
    But let them do their things... they will probably figure out later how odd they looked.

  6. Never was a beard person..the idea of bunching up a top knot for guys is not my idea of a neat thing either. Guess I am old old school. I do prefer the top knot than a long pony tail on a guy though. Enjoy the good days.. we are still in and out of the snow here.

  7. I don't like beards or hair sitting in a ball on top of ones head both are unattractive although Tim has had a beard on and off as did my dad in his younger years.

  8. The Hubby has had a beard for most of the years that I've known him, and that's a lot of years! He trims his cheeks and his neck, which I wish more men would do. I read Rosemary B's comment about eyebrows, and I would have laughed right in that young woman's face...I have no poker face.

  9. Nice to see a post from you. I am not a fan of beards. My hubby used to grow one every winter, but thankfully, he stopped doing that not long after we were married.

  10. Don't care for beards myself and those that are bushy, long and stringy etc. Just turn me off. So many look like they are trying to emulate the Taliban to me. But, it's their preference and if they're comfortable with it, so be it.

  11. Hi Sis!
    hope all is well with you me,I have been talking advantage of the sun these past two whole days and had my walks for an hour each, lucky to see the sun. Sometimes I wonder if TN is under the Ocean, I have never ever been in a place where the rain just kept on and on and....I never had since that anyone like me anyway.
    Sis Katie1