Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8/05 Skunque

Febreeze is a wonderful product. It is not meant however, to alleviate skunk odor. I tried anyway. I sprayed the air intake in the house for the heat and air. I sprayed all the vents. Now I have April Fresh smell along with the skunk odor.
I have the cat so can't just open all the door and let the house air out. I had one door opened and the screen up on the storm door however, that only took the top off the problem.
Oh well. Several days hence it should be down to a low roar. Hope not to go through this again.
At least the cat is speaking to me again after the ordeal she felt I put her thorough taking her to the Vet.
She will REALLY be speaking soon as she is now on a diet as I am not flinging canned food at her constantly. It will be dry only with an occasional teaspoon of the other once in a while. And I mean teaspoon. And that reminds me; tomorrow I start back at Weight Lookers ( kidding) again as I have the tools and the knowledge to make the program work but...I see I also need the accountability. Hence, more money poured down that open hole I keep pouring money down.
Phew. It stinks in here.

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