Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It's a good morning here for me. I woke after 8 hrs sleep and that alone is cause to rejoice as when I am working I get as little as 5 hrs. sleep each shift; and my shifts are 12 hrs. long whether I am on day shifts or midnight shifts.
When I woke I was delighted to see the sun. I am always glad to be off work but when it is overcast and raining it makes the day gloomy looking and as with most creatures I seek the sun.
I cleaned the house to the loud LOUD sound of my fave rock music. I was thinking too that my emotional age in some areas never traveled past the 20's. Maybe 30's I should say. My choices of music, my friends. Even my style of clothing.
No, I am not one of " those" who goes about in too young clothing making a mockery of myself nor do I go places or do things that are "inappropriate" for my age group by and large (man, talk about a caveat!!) but-- an example that females would perhaps understand is: when shopping, my eye is drawn to the Jr. Department. No, unless it's an occasional top I don't buy, but I want to. Well, maybe jeans but the more conservative jeans w/o rips, tears, embroidery and so on. I wear low rise and the only place I find them to suit me is in the Jr. Dept.
Most of my male and female friends are younger than me. They come to me rather than the opposite. Strictly speaking however, I must say I am drawn to people younger than I as we speak the same language, like the same things and can communicate.
Noticed while cleaning the kitchen floor this morning that the cat ( the culprit's picture is in my pitifully small display of three pictures in this blog) ( she's the fluffy gray one) damaged the kitchen floor during her Thug Jamboree yesterday while I was slaving away at work trying to earn her food.
The standing water slightly buckled some of the boards. Just enough to notice while standing at an angle. The gleam on the floor helped highlight the damage. ( no pun intended). There is about a 2 inch bubble raised in the worst spot. It's a live and learn situation. She's been a household member eight years and this has never happened. I see now I need to be better prepared and I will cut a heavy piece of plastic to place under the newspaper to hopefully avoid further damage. And I will fill her water bowl 2/3's full instead of totally full. Sigh.
Later, dude.

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