Saturday, June 19, 2010

9/05 again my birthday back then

Today is my birthday. And a beautiful day it is, too~! Thank You.
I had several e-cards and some snail mail cards, all of which I greatly appreciated. I also had an email from my former husband who wished me a happy birthday. That was lovely. I so appreciated it.
I wound up cooking another pot of sugar water for the hummingbirds. I thought they would be wel on their way over the Gulf by now. Kind of glad all of them aren't as they may have perished, those who migrated already) with the terrible weather i.e. hurricanes in the Gulf.
As I mentioned in another entry, hummingbirds fly straight through without stopping, over the Gulf on their way to their Winter home, Mexico. I am referring to Ruby Throated Hummingbirds which are the type we have here in this area of the Country.
This morning at 0805, two city police cars with sirens on and lights of course, screamed their way up the street ( and this is a residential neighborhood with a 25 mph speed limit) at approximately 60 mph. I have driven long enough to be able to gauge fairly well relative speed. Within a minute, literally, another sped its way up the street, lights but no siren. Then at 0810 a fourth one sped up the street again, lights but no siren. I called my neighbor who has a scanner ( she is a retired County Sheriff's Deputy) and asked if she knew what was going on. I woke her, dang it, and she turned it on. I asked that she let me know if she finds out anything. Had to be a good one in a manner of speaking, as 4 in a row certainly signifies something other than an accident.
N. should be here about noonish I would say and I will have one of three sons to celebrate my birthday. I will have another one Tuesday. So looking forward to that.
I can no longer remember the scientic name of it..I just call it " Mother's Cactus", but my cactus is blooming. It doesn't happen often and conditions must be right. A severe drying out seems to be the key. However, when the pictures are taken I will post it. I have a URL that N. sent me telling me what it is. I will post the photo and its real name soon.
The flowers start out tennis ball size and shape. When they open, they are star shaped. Large as a small saucer. They are off cream in color with burgandy centers, spots and little stripes. They smell like rotted meat and as a method of pollination, they attract blue bottle flies or other insects that are attracted to carrion. The centers of the flowers have been covered with flies.
Imagine what it's like for me when I have to bring in all the succulents for the Winter and that one happens to choose then to bloom. Oh, man. What a stench in the computer room which is where I let the plants winter. WHEW! But it is still unseasonably hot ( 91 yesterday and everyday) so they can stay out for awhile yet. Thank goodness.
I am slowly getting my self ready for the day. Very late for me to be doing that but just being leisurely.
Love you glad I am your mom. And for anyone else reading this, God Bless You.

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