Saturday, June 19, 2010

9/05 siding the house

Getting ready to start the 4 midnights tomorrow. 48 hours + shift turnover time.
The men got here at 0900 and started working. It's 1458 at this time and they are still working thank goodness. Once burned, twice shy.
I just went out to order another box ( two squares) of siding. There is a lot of piece work and it uses it at a faster rate than one expects.
I also got a gallon of brown paint for the roof vents. And, some roofing nails and 3 tubes of almond caulk.
This won't get done, due to the constraints of the midnight shift's sleeping periods for another week at least. I will pay him as W. will make sure he shows up to install the shutters when they arrive several weeks from now.
That dude at the hardware store is a dad blamed flirt! In one minute I knew he wasn't married and what his interests are. He wound up giving me a fan pull with D's fave race car driver's helmet on it. Which D. will get when me and N. head thataway come October.
He's the one who, coincidentally was shouting out all my personal info ( driver's licence) that day I wrote the check for $1128.00. I was so embarrassed!
B.W. will be here to take me for my last birthday dinner in about an hour. I pout it off an additional half hour so I could gather myself I have been so busy.
They are, by the way, still working on the back of the house. And I can't complain as there IS a lot of piecing due to the deck, windows, etc etc.
That's about it. Very narrow categories these past 3 days.

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