Saturday, June 19, 2010


I was Queen for the Day yesterday, and while I was treated to lunch today, ain't the same. But..that's because it's raining. (and we really need that rain).
Because it's raining and it looks like an all day affair, no work will get done on the siding. Sigh.
On the lighter side for me, I stopped off at a tiny so- called Mall here in town and got two Christmas presents for 2 of the 3 sons. While there, I noticed another little shop had some gemstone roughs. Now talk about a brilliant sunny day for me in the midst of the rain..that sighting was a great one for me.
I had despaired of finding a near enough place to buy gemstone roughs again after the man who had a shop locally, closed it.
I collect gemstone roughs and display them as nicely as I can. Remind me to tell you some of the teasing I get at work with my collection. Similar to " Well, you're just going to have to let loose of a few of those rocks!" when I want to purchase something and the cost is high. There's a story behind the remark. I'll tell it sometime.
I got some calcite and some flourite.
I WAS going for a fossil that looked wonderful till I saw WHY it looked wonderful. It had been lacquered and polished. Nope. Not for me. I'll just take them in their natural state. ( men not included!!)
Someone read my late August entry about the spider situation and said he'd have had a coronary if it had happened to him. I'm glad someone enjoyed that very true " am I EVER going to learn" story on myself.
Someone else ( who knows me and knows my personal email address) read my small treatise on male/female friendships and gave me a male prospective on the matter.
I have run out of coffee filters! SHUDDER! I will have to gear up and go back out for some. I found 2 stuck together that had fallen behind a drawer thank goodness and I have half a pot made now.
Got a T bone for my oldest whose coming over tomorrow. I love to cook for him.
Have one more festive occasion coming up Wednesday evening with another friend and a belated Birthday dinner. Looking forward to that as well.
Well, let's see what the day brings, fellers.

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