Saturday, June 19, 2010


It has been a fun day. N. came and whisked me off to lunch and when we returned, we got me updated on several things about the blog and a viewer for certain files that I occasionally get that the Windows viewer just didn't handle.
One thing I got was a CA D quarter. Mint looking uncirculated. ( Like many, besides my regular coin collection, I collect State quarters also. He brought that back from the week long conference he attended ( software developers) in CA.
He also gave me a commemerative coin from this city where I live which was very special to me. And a beautiful mahogany framed picture that he took at Frozen Head State Park of a waterfall. And a wonderful times 2 birthday card. Really all three sons are accomplished photographers.
He took a picture of my cactus that I mentioned in my last entry and I will post it when he emails it to me.
I am still full from lunch so doubt I will be hungry again till 1900 or more.
I got B's " care package" including some used clothing from his son for another boy his age, and the copper vase for the long stemmed dogwoods come spring. ( artificial).
Still a peaceful and lovely day. Very soft and warm. Makes it worth being alive. ( among many other things!!)
S'it for now.

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