Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Different sort of thing happened last night on shift.
One of the field supervisors came by to chat with us for awhile and the talk turned to one of his passions...martial arts.
He has a black belt in Karate. If I spelled it wrong, sorry. No spell check in this thing!! In any case, his wife and son are also interested in this and participate a lot.
I mentioned something I would like to do soon in order to increase my flexibility however I can't spell THAT either so won't even try to say what it is. But that led to further conversation regarding the varying martial arts.
Then, seemingly on a whim, he said " Put out your hand." I did so. he told me to close my eyes. Did that too. After less than 10 seconds, I felt heat. I said " Are you near my hand?" he was indeed. I asked if I could open my eyes and he was holding his hands on either side of my outstretched ones. The warmth I felt from his hands though they were at least 5 inches from mine was amazing.
More conversation and then he said " Lean your head over..put it on the desk." I did so and he placed his hans ( barely touching) on the small of my back where I have continuous pain. It felt like two hot bricks! He continued for about 5 minutes. His hands went to the middle of my back but all I felt was gentle pressure. Back to the small and there was definite discernable warmth.
Afterward when he ceased, his face was slightly flushed. He said when he does that, he gets sweaty and hot. It is a 'treatment' he said. His energy was transferred to me. I know there is a term but even if I remembered it, I would not be able to spell it.
It WAS interesting. I felt that warmth in the small of my back for a good hour.
I asked if I could try to do the same regarding him closing his eyes and me attempting to channel energy. Nope. I had none. GRIN.
My boss was interestedly looking on and _____ also showed him what that heat was like.
Later dudes.

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