Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All I want for Christmas 11/05

Not my two front teeth. BUT I want some gemstone roughs. I LOVE gemstone roughs. Anyone who has read my blog right along will note there was mention of that in there one time or another. Probably September.
N. just sent me a picture of his Fluorite. Got my mouth a waterin'!
I think I have already written that my love of those rocks has made me the ( happy) butt of jokes where I work. They always say among many other things that I have to " let loose of some of them rocks" when I start telling about an acquisition I want or a service I need for the house, things of that sort. They always liken me to Scrooge, Jack Benny, and the like. I love it. They say I have my money hidden in the proverbial Mason jars out back in the yard or that it's all tied up in my gemstone roughs or hidden in the cats' litter box. I just want a Vault like Jack Benny had in his old radio programs I have recorded tapes of! A Vault complete with the alligator who guarded the moat you had to cross to get into the Vault.
Last week I was whining and complaining that it was 86 degrees out. A new record and to give me a break ( that's what I typed) NOW it will get down to 19 tonight. I think I got my break. Man. Cold I reckon.
The cat sounded the all clear this morning at 0615! So much for sleeping a little later. The little hussy.
Later dudes

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