Saturday, June 26, 2010

Already - 2006

Gee whiz. When I get off in the morning it will be February! Thsi year is passing fast for me.
It really is something we shift workers have spoken of many times. We live for the " long break" which for we 12 hr. rotation people consists of 7 well earned days off.
Looking toward that long break, though we have to endure all the other days of the month still seems to speed the process. You turn around ( as they say in these parts of the Country) and there's another long break to enjoy. Look up and bam! You are starting another work cycle with your first set of midnights. All in all, the months fly by. It will be the 4th of July before I can even realize it happened and hot as it will be..I'll blink twice and here's Christmas again! Another year of my life flown by. Scary in a way how fast time passes.
I think his name is Alan Tofler but he wrote a great book called Future Shock. In it, he gives an explanation about the seeming or real rapid passage of time the older you get.
I ought to get up and make sure of his name. But instead I will log off and assemble my face and get ready for work.

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