Thursday, June 24, 2010

And some with Lace on them

I went to a link on one of my son's Space and enjoyed an entry called " Pink Socks". That reminded me of recent experience. Heck, every DAY experience...however, the one I am going to write about was while I was in uniform.
Every day ( still a 12 hr. rotation shift) I went in to work, I donned my black BDU's, my black shirt and of course, my black combat boots. The trousers were bloused of course, at the ankle. Then what to the others wandering eyes should appear while I had my legs crossed either in Commander's meeting or at my particular work place?? Why, usually pink socks. Long one, mid calf so as to shield my legs from the lacings of the boots. Certainly pink socks were not regulation. I wore them anyway. Pink socks, pale yellow socks, pale lilac socks, pale blue socks. Some had a smattering of lace on top. I tucked THAT under however. I realized that even for me, that would have been, um, over the top. ( no pun intended).
The guys learned to look to see what socks I was wearing hidden under the blousing of the BDU's while I was standing. They waited patiently until I sat down. Even then, the pants legs crept upward slightly revealing a slice of pink or rose. Then when I crossed my legs..gasp..there they were! Shining forth like a morning sun rising.
Yes, I was admonished slightly by my fellows in my work area but not too often and only when I started that defiant behavior. Afterwards, it just became expected.
When warm weather came we usually wore ( Officers did, anyway) a white shirt. I innocently ( believe it or not) wore a flowered camisole under the shirt once. Once was enough. I hadn't given any thought to the flowers showing through the thinner white material but they did. I couldn't wait to get back to the change area and oull that thing off. Now THAT was embarrassing in a professional setting. No, not even me.
But hey, pink, blue yellow or lilac socks peeping out, my boots were spit shined and glowed like a new penny off the Mint press!
My defiance -show before the 'sock thing' was my hair was always too long. I used to get fussed at all the time. I had it cut to a bob later on. It has since grown out and was, until several months ago, below the middle of my back. I have had it cut again to just past shoulder length. I grew it that long because I could. I am not in uniform any longer and have no real reason to defiantly show my feminine side ( despite regulation). I can show it and do, every day in every way with my mode of dress and so on. (I am in a different job description now as you can intuit.)
Later dudes

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