Thursday, June 24, 2010

And then..

may have written something regarding this next in August or September, now of course in archives to the left. However after having written about the pink or other color socks, I was reminded of several other always happening things.
Even now, walking down the long sidewalk to my place of work I will meet former workmates. Many of them, and every day. Some are inclined to get a good bead on me as they approach ( the guys I mean, not the ladies of which there are few) and as they draw next to me, suddenly swoop and swoon me back into a dance pose more or less. I have been bent backward and smooched on the cheek and left to stagger upward again and on my way. I have had my scarf or hood whichever is applicable pulled down over my face in passing. I have been picked up by my belt and dropped back to the sidewalk again ( now talk about a major wedgie!!)
In HQ I have been picked up..put down in the darkened conference room and left standing there.
As I am extraordinarily vain about my hair, many times has it been smooshed, smashed, ruffled and flipped? Couldn't count 'em.
I have been waylaid in the stairwell and shocked by a sudden appearance just around the turn. Whew!
I've been picked up and put in a trash can ( luckily empty).
I have loved every event and count myself lucky to have friends and " family" such as they are.
If seen in a restaurant by some, I am fair game. Last time that happened someone came up behind me ( so noisy I couldn't sense or hear him coming) and put his hands over my eyes. Then bit the top of my ear. I turned casually as though this were an every day thing (my friend having dinner with me was stunned) and saw one of the guys. He was there with his girl friend.

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