Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And THIS is a restaurant? 11/05

I got whisked away with a friend to lunch this afternoon. Rather than a local place, this friend decided we would be best served ( no pun intended) by going to Louden County to a restaurant there.
It is a tearoom actually as opposed to a bustling restaurant. I have only been to two of those type establishments. Both times were pleasant enough experiences to be sure. However, though I am a not large woman by any stretch, I found I was still hungry as we got underway back home.
Gee. I ordered the assorted fruit platter with a choice of one salad to go with it. I chose chicken salad.
That was not supermarket salad to be sure. It was chunky and restaurant made. It did not have any seasoning that I could discern however. I wound up sprinkling salt to get a little taste going but in its way, it was good.. The fruit was alright. Only two " dead" grapes in the small serving. And I mean small. There were two little fancy shaped saltless crackers as well, wedged attractivly into the salad. Everything was unsalted. I don't add salt in a restaurant as it is always more than salty enough as it is served. However this time, the salt shaker got little respite as I journeyed through my meal.
I asked for a Diet Coke. I was served a medium sized glass full. I told the server that I was a sissy, and could I have a straw with that? I got one. No refills. I am spoiled and used to the ever flowing Diet Coke.
So, soon as I got home I made 2 pieces of toast, had some pretzels and 2 Diet Cokes I was that thirsty! Spoiled I guess by other restaurants refilling the drink glass. This one didn't and oh MY! The prices, while not too far flung did make one re-think the matter. However, it WAS fun as I was in the company of a friend.
Still beautiful out and my natural gas usage is getting a rest as it is close to 60 I would say.
Later, dudes

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