Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Trip in the Time Machine 10/05

I was telling my boss about my blog entry a few days ago regarding "time travel" via scent.
He mentioned music. I got to thinking as he was speaking ( of all things about Linda Ronstadt, and I hope I spelled her name correctly) and 'Blue Bayou'. Of course, I heard that song in her voice running endlessly through my mind for the rest of the shift. Darn him anyway!!! But it got me to thinking about something that everyone knows anyway..that music is just as evocative as scent is in making one travel back in time to when they first heard it. This assumes that there was an event to pair with the hearing of the music that would cement that musical selection and the event together.
If I hear " Sailing" by Kris ( or is it a "c"?) Cross ( or is it a "k"?) on the oldies radio stations, it takes me immediately to Tennessee Avenue here in town, in the summer quite a few years ago. I see myself in a blue vehicle the family will remember as Dora. One of the few female family vehicles. Bless her heart.
I can see the sun shining into the vehicle, smell the summer, and me in my youth singing my heart out rolling down the road.
If I hear an old Carly Simon song ( I think she is the one who did " You're so Vain"...I think of a certain set of friends at a time and I remember great changes in my life.
Just really a reminder to me that many things will take one on that time trip. Scents, music, even a piece of jewelry. You will remember who gave it to you and the occasion. Women will that is. Men won't as a general rule. They don't much care about who gave them what or when. Women are just hardwired differently than men and some things are more important to we women than are even noticable, to men.
So, what do ya think? Taken any journeys lately?

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