Saturday, June 19, 2010

appreciating a 2005 evening.

I just had a peaceful and lovely evening.
When you work the intense and time consuming job I and my few counterparts do, the downtime is even more precious.
The day was nice as I already have mentioned in the past few entries today but the evening...that was especially good.
It would be boring to most but not to me. I spent it on the screened in porch next door..quietly talking about just "things". Like the city we live in here. There is none to compare in my mind as in most people who live here. No, it's small, more of a town not a city. But though I come from another area of the U.S., THIS is a home like none other. I may as well have been born here.
There are mountains all around, trees everywhere ( much to our consternation when the wind blows over 25 mph which happens frequently). These trees are old and stories high. Not puny house height trees. Oh, no.
But we were sitting there talking, discussing events and what is happening in our lives, our families and just more or less, the future.
The air was soft and the sound of crickets and frogs fairly strong. The moon lit us as well as a candle might have done had we lit one. The stars were prominent and the air fragrant with Earth, some flowers and just waftings of occasional meals from nearby.
Quietude and peacefulness was the keynote " speaker" of the evening.
When I finally left to walk home, I left far more quiet in spirit than when I had first arrived and plopped hard into the chair, thumping my purse on the tabletop.
One needs that sometimes to renew energy so that the next day when you greet the sun, you feel more ready for whatever awaits you.

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