Monday, June 28, 2010


Tomorrow starts the day shifts. My break is over and in half an hour I have to go to bed. I'll read for about 20 minutes and turn out the light.
I watched accidentally a golf tournament this afternoon. Just as I did yesterday afternoon and saw an emerging phenom named JB Holmes. And I don't even LIKE golf. Not even a little bit. But this man is just 23, a rookie and he WON. Won by just blasting by the other guys. He just blew their doors off! A rookie. And cute as can be. He's from Kentucky, went to UK and this is his first win of this magnitude as he is a rookie and hasn't had hardly any chances yet.
We have a saying in this part of the Country when some one is delicious looking in weight he's fluffy. This young man is 5'11, 200 or so pounds of adorableness. That, besides him having been an SEC champ while at U.K. is what made me watch for a few minutes yesterday. Forgot about him supposing to be on today and again, I'm not a golf nut so I didn't mentally earmark watching. But I did, by accident and he won. Since he's from the neighboring State and even had KY Wildcat golf club covers, I had to watch. First time I ever got all wound up in a golf game for pity sakes. I was delighted he won.
Other than that, back to the grind. As always, I'm grateful to have a grind to go to.
Hope any who read this have a productive and happy week.

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